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Where will Best-Selling Western Author James J. Griffin be in October?

October 3 & 4. Harwinton Fair, Harwinton Fairgrounds, Harwinton, CT Book signing and sale.

October 10, 11:00-1:00: Murder and Mayhem, on the porch at Bayswater Books, 12 Main Street, Center Harbor, New Hampshire. Book signing and sale of THE MAD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS, plus other titles. Multi-author event.

October 30, 31, and November 1: Western Fictioneers Convention, Sheraton Westport Plaza, Maryland Heights (St. Louis), Missouri. Co-presenter on two panels, Badges, Bayonets, and the Law, and The Younger Gang" Roping in the youth reader. Public Meet and Greet and book signing with all the Western Fictioneers in attendance at 5:00 p.m., October 31

You can find James J. Giffin's stories on Amazon,B&N and Kobo.

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FIVE Questions with Kevin L. Stabinsky!!!!!!

Want to know me better?

While awaiting the rest of my novel to be published (check out the first part here: I was asked several questions to help you get to know me better. Here’s the first of five asked of me.

1) Do you have any pets? If so what?
I have one dog, Spartacus, a mixed breed Chihuahua. I also have several pets named Peeve. They include my roommate flushing the toilet when I’m in the shower, her leaving dirty dishes on top of the dishes I am cleaning by soaking in the basin, and Spartacus deciding to take over my pillow if I get up during the middle of the night and not wanting to give it back.

2) What is your favorite TV series and what character would you play in it?
Since I don’t have TV and am stuck with Netflix and Youtube, I don’t get to watch many shows. I do watch My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, and if I was a character in it, I would be the odd man out. Human guy in a predominantly female pony inhabited world? Yeah, I’d definitely be the odd guy.

3) If you could be a superhero what would your powers be and why?
Luck manipulation. Check out, a site dedicated to gamers using emulator tools to speedrun video games as fast as theoretically possible. The way many runners abuse luck to always enable the most favorable outcomes or manipulate events is awesome, especially when you see it being done in a game you are familiar with. To have that power in real life, I’d be getting thrown out of every casino .

4) What was your worst part-time/summer job experience?
Over one summer in college, I worked in a swimming pool manufacturing plant. The job ruined a lot of my clothes on some days (they would always be getting caught on the corners of the metal sheets that I’d be feeding into either a bending or pressing machine), on other days I would go home with sore arms from operating a pressing gun when working on pool radii, and I think I was the only non-criminal there. Since it was a season job, most workers were temps. I remember in the lunch room one day early in my stint being asked what my crime was. Since most folks were on prison release, I guess it was just assumed I was as well. To show how bad it was, after one shift on the radius table, my coworker went home and attempted suicide. It paid well though.

5) If you had to choose a “last meal”, what would it be?
Stevi B’s pickle pizza. It sounds gross but it rocks. Plus it is an easy recipe to make. Get a pizza. Put some dill pickle slices on it. Win.

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James J. Griffin thinks "It's time to go back to curling up with a good book..."

Summer has turned to autumn, which means shorter, cooler days and longer, cold nights. It's time to go back to curling up with a good book... or your faithful electronic reading device. For writers, it's time to get the creative juices flowing again. For readers, it's time to return to a favorite pastime. This year, why not try a new genre, or blend your favorite with another. Like romance, try a western romance. Like Christian, how about a Christian action-adventure. Or if you like action-adventure, try the all-American adventure found in a Western. Don't stick with the tried and true, give something else a read. You might just discover a whole new world of adventure, education, and escape.

James J. Griffin, while a native New Englander, has been a student of the frontier West from a very young age. He has travelled extensively throughout the western United States, and has visited many of the famous Western frontier towns, such as Tombstone, Pecos, Deadwood, Cheyenne, and numerous others.

Jim became particularly interested in the Texas Rangers from the television series Tales of the Texas Rangers. Jim's deep interest in the Texas Rangers led him to amass an extensive collection of Texas Ranger artifacts, which is now in the permanent collections of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco. (Jim told his story and it was published in Issue 21 of the Texas Ranger Dispatch (page 35) The Dispatch is the official publication of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame & Museum)

Jim has also been an avid horseman all of his life. He bought his first horse, a pinto, while he was a junior in college, and has owned several American Paint Horses, including his current mount, Yankee. He is a member of the Connecticut Horse Council Volunteer Horse Patrol, an organization which assists the state park rangers with patrolling the state parks and forests.

At the urging of James Reasoner, author of Texas Wind and The Civil War Battle Series, plus many other novels, Jim decided to write a series of Texas Ranger novels. The first book, Trouble Rides the Texas Pacific, was published in 2005. With the success of that book, Jim was encouraged to continue his writing.

Jim's books are traditional Westerns in the best sense of the term, with strong heroes who have good moral values. Highly reminiscent of the pulp westerns of yesterday, the heroes and villains are clearly separated with few shades of gray. No anti-heroes to be found here.

While Jim's books are fiction, he strives to keep them as accurate as possible within the realm of fiction. To that end, besides his own travels and research, he relies on his good friend Texas Ranger Sergeant Jim Huggins of Company F in Waco for forensics and Ranger technical information, and good friends Karl Rehn and Penny Riggs of KR Training in Austin, Texas for their expertise on weapons and ammunition of the frontier West.

Jim is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University. When not travelling out West, he currently divides his time between Branford, Connecticut and Keene, New Hampshire.

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FIVE Questions with Anne Baxter Campbell!!!!!!

- What has inspired your writing?
People inspire me, especially ones who have undergone horrendous experiences and come out with stronger faith than they had before and with their sense of humor intact.

-Do you have any pets?
Yes. The most famous is probably Meggie Wigglesworth, our overboard friendly little rescue dog. She has her own Facebook page. She is one dog determined to be everybody’s friend, whether they like dogs or not. Undaunted by folks who ignore her, she wiggles and waggles in front of them until they surrender to her irresistible charm. And then there’s Cleo Campbell, our royal black panther. Er, cat. Unwilling to fawn over anything but her breakfast, she instead fixes newcomers (and us) with an evil glare intended to send them (and us) scurrying for food.

-How did you get started as an author?
Oddly enough, it was a speech I gave in Toastmasters that started me on the way. We had this amazing kitten, and I wrote a speech that went over my time limit. Those gathered loved the story, though, and when I showed it to my family, one of them said it would make a great children’s story. And so the Adventures of Maybe series was birthed. So far three children’s books with more planned….

-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?
Eclectic. I listen mostly to a Christian music station in the car, except when hubby’s along. He wants NPR or classical music. Don’t get me wrong—I do like classical, but I also like Christian rock and hymns, easy listening, country-western, folk music, and soft rock. Do NOT like loud anything. I resent that the loud music in my young and stupid days stole much of my hearing, and now I have difficulty hearing anything my hubby and my friends say.
Oddly enough, yes—I used to write a lot of music. A few are copyrighted, but I’ve only sung them for family and church. One of my favorites I call Mary’s Song, about how Jesus’s mother might have felt when he was born and through his life. “I” wrote the whole thing in probably twenty minutes, and I feel strongly that it was inspired by God. As I do about most of the other songs, but perhaps this one especially.

-What is your Favorite TV Series and what character would you play in it?
Honestly? I don’t watch hardly any of the new ones, so I guess my favorite must be an old one, Murder, She Wrote. And of course I would be Jessica Fletcher, the author and mystery solver extraordinaire.

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Alzheimer’s and Marty: One Year Later— By Larry Peterson

It is now almost one year since my wife, Marty, was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's disease. The doctor gave us the news as we sat together. She acted as if she understood. She did not. I have told her that she has Alzheimer's disease and she tells me that she understands. She does not. What she does understand is that something is terribly wrong with her memory. Watching her fight to remember simple everyday things such as whether or not she drinks coffee and she has been drinking it her entire life, is heartbreaking.

No one can tell she is ill, except me, of course, and several close friends that know about her condition. When I take her with me to church and to the stores etc. and we see people we know, I always hear how "wonderful" she looks. Yeah, well the Titanic looked all bright and shiny as it headed out into the Atlantic that cold, April day in 1912. When the iceberg did its dirty deed the Titanic was doomed. Nothing could have ever stopped her sinking into the cold Atlantic.

Marty has become my new seven year-old existing in an older body. She is very insecure and becomes frightened if I am not nearby. She still tries to maintain her independence as a self-sufficient person even though she cannot remember where to put the forks or cups. As her caregiver my life has become disconnected and very unpredictable because of her needing so much while trying to not need anything. Alzheimer’s is never just the patient’s illness. On the contrary, its evil nature latches on to the love of those close to its victim using that love in a sordid attempt to destroy their spirit. Most times that results in abject failure because the love proves so much stronger than the disease.

For me, my work as a writer has become a bit scattered. It has become a fascinating existence where focus has become an evasive shadow and cohesive sentences are written in pieces and then squirreled together at another time. However, as a man of faith who trusts the God above, I realize that this woman is now a special gift from Him entrusted to my care. I have told Him, “No problem Lord, I have her back and will do my best until whatever is to be will be.” (But, I do have my moments.)

Today, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's Disease and about 200,000 of those folks are under the age of 65. It is the only disease among the top ten that cannot be prevented, slowed or cured. The disease kills more people every year than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. It is estimated that by the year 2050, 16 million people will have this disease. Someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's every 67 seconds. They have estimated that by 2050 it will be every 33 seconds. This is an epidemic growing before our eyes. It is also becoming a nightmare for more and more moms, dads, sons, daughters, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and society as a whole.

Imagine that all around the country people like Marty Peterson are having their brains slowly erased by an invisible demon inside their heads. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh; back and forth, back and forth, the tiny eraser keeps moving--back and forth, back and forth. Slowly but methodically the demon goes about its work 24/7. After a while, the person under attack does not even remember how to go to the bathroom. And then, after a time, the eraser stops. It stops when the disease it is part of finally erases the person's life.

That is the course of the relentless, unstoppable, illness known as Alzheimer's Disease. It is at work at this very moment in all corners of the world. Somehow, someway we will have to stop it. We will need God's help because this war cannot be won without Him.

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FIVE questions with Joseph Max Lewis!!!!!!

- What has inspired your writing? Everything, current events, books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, conversations I’ve had with friends.

-Do you have any pets? Yes. My wife and I rescue standard rough haired collies - the ones that look like Lassie - except we adopt the big males, 80 to 85 lbs.

-How did you get started as an author? In the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center I wrote a non-fiction book about the war on terror and then thought, why not a novel? The rest is history.

-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music? Rock and Roll, Classical music for background. No I don’t write to music, when I write, I’m lost to the world, in the story, wondering what’s going to happened next and when I find out getting it down on paper.

-Name your Top 5 Favorite Movies. A Man for All Seasons, Grosse Point Blank, Ordinary People (the best acting I’ve ever seen), The Green Berets (of course!), The Godfather (all of them)

-What is your Favorite Season and why? Fall, perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, occasional rain, changing colors, leaves.

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Chew this over-WHY dogs chew-Joseph Max Lewis

Chew this over

Did you ever wonder why dogs chew and if there’s anything you can do about it if its destructive?

Here are the three most common reasons why dogs chew. Obviously, dogs chew for many reasons, but the most important is too exercise their jaws. In the same way we need to use our limbs or else they atrophy, dogs instinctively know they must keep their jaws strong, in part for overall good health and in part because good teeth and a strong jaw is the only way a dog can defend itself - and you if necessary. Remember, there are no bad dogs, just owners who bought a dog that doesn’t fit their lifestyle or else doesn’t understand them.

These are the facts: Dogs need to chew and they don’t even know why. If we don’t give them something to chew, they’ll find something on their own, like table legs, your shoes or something else. Our job, then, is not to ignore that need and discipline them when they satisfy it, we need to address that instinct in a manner that’s good for them and us. We use and recommend Nyla bones these are fake bones made of used nylon which is re-melted with beef or chicken flavoring and molded into the shape of a bone. Nylas don’t hurt the dog’s teeth and as the dog chews on it - these bones are really tough - the nylon frays into strands and acts as dental floss that helps clean the dog’s teeth. Don’t worry if their gums bleed sometimes - its good for them.

Joseph Max Lewis author of The Diaries of Pontius Pilate, Separation of Church and State and Baghdad Burning.

Joseph Max Lewis served as a member of an Operational Detachment in the U.S. Army's Seventh Special Forces Group, the storied Green Berets. During his service Lewis received antiterrorist training and his detachment was tasked to "Special Projects." Afterward, he served as an instructor at the Special Forces Qualification Course. Lewis attended the Pennsylvania State University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, and the University of Pittsburgh, receiving degrees in International Politics and Law while being certified in Middle East Studies.

After living and studying abroad, first in the Middle East and then Southeast Asia, Lewis returned home to practice law. He’s a columnist in the New Bethlehem Leader-Vindicator and author of The Diaries of Pontius Pilate, Separation of Church and State and Baghdad Burning. He currently lives, writes, and practices law in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

FIVE questions with Patti J. Smith!!!!!!

Do you have any pets? If so what?

This question could cover a complete blog post! Currently, I have a Chiweenie (Petey) - part dacshund/part chihuahua, a Chidobie (Coco) - part miniature doberman/part chihuahua, a very loud and talkative (wonder where he gets that from?) Lilac Crown Amazon parrot (Derby) and a Cockatiel (Icey) who rings the bell in her cage until my dad puts on music in the family room.

I've never been without a fact, I used to live on a ranch and named everything ... including the chickens. My then husband, Don, bought two cows to fatten up and butcher and I named them Lunch and Dinner. We never did butcher them because I got too attached. They lived a long and happy life. :)

What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?

I am a diehard Country Western fan but also love classical, 50's & 60's and disco. I do sometimes write to music. Classical music inspires me when I write devotionals. As a break from writing books, I write lyrics that hopefully someday will be put to music ... and yes, they are country-western type lyrics, but no dogs die. My favorite is "Goin' on a Guilt Trip".

Name your Top 5 Favorite Movies.

I'm all over the map in movie genres. My fave five are:
* Young Frankenstein - See something to new to laugh at every time I watch it!
* Grease - and yes, I know all the song by heart.
* Steel Magnolias - A box of tissue sometimes isn't enough.
* The Rock - Wouldn't mind being stranded on Alcatraz with Sean Connery!
* Primal Fear - The best psychological thriller around.

What is your Favorite TV Series and what character would you play in it?

That's a easy one! Although my cousin is the technical advisor of NCIS New Orleans, the original NCIS is my favorite (shhhh, don't tell D'Wayne). They would have to bring back Ziva because that's who I would play (after I lost a few pounds). She's tough, determined and quirky.

What are your Top 5 Favorite Books and/or Characters?

My favorite book character is Alex Cross of James Patterson's Alex Cross mysteries.
Other than my own (ha!), my favorite books include The Thornbirds, Rome Sweet Home, Gone With the Wind, The Stranger Beside Me and Killing Kennedy. (Of course, the Bible tops them all).

What was your worst part-time/summer job experience?

I waited tables at a high end restaurant and there was a large formal party in the banquet room. I spilled water down a woman's back, then when clearing the table after the meal, I spilled a tray of dirty plates in a man's lap.

What is your Favorite Season and why?

Favorite Season? Do you have to ask? FOOTBALL Season of course! My opportunity to scream as loud as I want, plot against others in my fantasy league and trash talk William Tasch and his Green Bay Packers.

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What do you think of the beginning of Larry Peterson's "Maybe This House Is Haunted"?

Charlie Winters had tried calling home at least a half-dozen times and had never gotten an answer. It was raining hard and steady in Paterson but he had no idea how intense the storm was back home. Eleanor should have answered and he was worried. It was 4 a.m. when he decided he better get home.
Charlie got into his shiny blue, 65' Chevy Impala station wagon and began heading northwest toward Route 208. The heavy rain and unlit highways made him plod along at about 35 mph. It was almost 5a.m when he passed through Manford. As he drove slowly up Route 511 he began to realize how intense the storm had been. Twice he had to avoid fallen tree limbs and once, on Hemlock Road., he had to stop because a huge limb was blocking the entire road.
Using the headlights so he could see, he had wrapped his arms around the thick limb and started dragging it to the side of the road. From the corner of his eye he thought he saw something come out from the trees, dash across the road and run into the forest. He was not sure who or what it was but it was something unusual and it had scared him. He stopped and called out, “Who's there? Is someone there?” He looked around and saw nothing.
It was dark except for the indirect lighting coming from the headlights. He nervously headed back to his car and as he reached for the door he felt a chill shoot from his neck down to his legs. Standing about ten feet away in front of the car and illuminated by the headlights was the shape of what seemed to be a person. It was grayish black and the car’s headlights sort of shined around it making its appearance even more pronounced.
Charlie heard this deep, guttural sound coming from the “shadow man”. Then two, almond shaped, flaming red eyes appeared and began staring at him. Charlie, terrified, got back into his car, slammed the door and locked it. When he lifted his eyes to look out there was nothing there. His hands were trembling and he was breathing heavily. He shifted into gear and drove away.
When he arrived home at 5:45 he was soaked yet relieved to have arrived. The standard 45 minute drive coupled with a few minutes of unexpected terror had taken him an extra hour. He jumped out of the car and hurried to the house.
Charlie entered the foyer and flicked on the overhead light. Quietly he began to head to his bedroom in the rear. He stopped when he heard snoring coming from the living room on his left. He tip-toed over to the sofa and saw his wife, flat on her back, mouth slightly open, snoring away. Slowly he sat down next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. “Ellie, it's me. I'm home. Hey, it's me. Wake up.”
His wife's snoring stopped, her eyes opened and her body went rigid. She let out a slight scream. Charlie said, “It's okay. It's okay. It's just me. It's just me.”
“Oh my God, Charlie. It's you. You scared me half to death.”
“Oh---I'm sorry Ellie, I didn't mean to scare you. I was just wondering why you were sleeping on the sofa.”
“It doesn't matter. I'm so glad your home.” She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank God you are home. What a night.”
She was squeezing him so hard that he was losing his breath. He pushed her away a bit and said, “Sweetie, whatever happened? Are you all right? Why are you sleeping here? What's going on?” Tell me what happened. Are the boys okay? I tried calling and calling and got no answer so---”
“Charlie, stop talking. Just hold me for a minute. I just want to feel you close to me.”
As the early morning light began peeking through the windows they sat, simply hugging and allowing their love for each other to reinvigorate them. After a minute or so Eleanor leaned back a bit. Then she leaned forward and kissed her husband softly on the lips. “Okay,” she said. “The phone is out. The power was off too, but it came back on. We also have an additional guest sleeping upstairs.”
“What? A guest? Who----”
“Wait, wait, wait. Let me gather my thoughts. We only got to bed about two hours ago. I'll make some coffee and then we can talk.”
They headed back to the kitchen and Charlie immediately noticed the trail of blood from the hallway to the bedroom. “Whoa, that's blood all over the floor. What happened? Who is bleeding?”
“It's okay, Charlie. I cut my toe on a piece of glass. It's okay now. That's another story. I'm not sure where to begin. It was one strange night.”
Charlie sat down while Eleanor went over to the counter to make a pot of coffee. Charlie said, “Ellie, for crying out loud, you're foot is bleeding all over the place. Get over here and sit down. Let me look at that.”
She looked down at her foot and then at the floor. She had not even noticed that the bandage had slipped from her toe and she was spreading blood around like a graffiti artist using the floor for a canvas. “Oh no---I can't believe it. I didn't even feel it.”
She sat down and lifted her leg, placing her foot on Charlie's thigh. He grabbed a small white towel and squeezed the bleeding toe. “Does it hurt?”
“No, it doesn't.”

What do you think? Larry would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment here on the blogpost or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar!

If you want to start reading Larry's series why not start with Volume One? Here is the Amazon Kindle link,it is also available on Kobo and B&N Nook:

George Taylor discusses what BLESS stands for!

This podcast stays in the realm of Bible teaching this week – or rather faith sharing. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, how easy is it for you to share with others your faith in Him? For many, I would say that it is probably difficult. My home congregation is trying to make it easy for everyone to share the story of their faith. So, I am pleased to share the first of several messages about sharing. Today, we learn how being a BLESS-ing can help you share your faith in Christ. BLESS is an acronym to help you remember some basic steps in sharing. Take a listen for more details!

The podcast will air on 9/25@8.30AMEST or you can click this link anytime 24/7 and listen to it on the archives!

Do You LOVE reading Devotionals? Read a sample of Randall K. Harp's "Illumine Me" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

The contents of this book are simply the result of daily, prayerful reading of the Holy Bible: the inspired Word of God. As the owner of this particular copy of this book, you are free to read it in any order and at any pace. I do, however, strongly encourage you to prayerfully read the Bible passages associated with each of the brief devotionals.
The devotionals herein are grouped into four themed sections: Knowing Him, For His Glory, Love Thy Neighbor and Pressing Onward. I believe these to be predominant themes in Scripture and essentials for the Christian life.
It is impossible to develop a relationship with someone you do not know. Knowing Him contains devotionals focused on the character of God and the importance of knowing Him.
A proper understanding of God will lead us to a proper perspective of ourselves. God is the giver of every blessing that we enjoy. Our very breath is in His hand. As we recognize our own selfish frailty and His benevolent majesty, we are pleased to live For His Glory.
Jesus said that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Love Thy Neighbor features devotionals that focus on allowing God's love to be demonstrated through us toward others.
Both the Scriptures and human history attest to the inward and outward struggles that result from desires and efforts to live a life that is pleasing to God, in accordance with His explicit will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pressing Onward provides devotionals that emphasize the importance of persevering in faith.
I have elected to write these words in English – specifically American English, since it is my first and – practically speaking – only language. While I normally prefer to pronounce and render Biblical names as close to their Hebrew origins, I understand that those names are likely to be unfamiliar with many English readers. For that reason, I have used the traditional, anglicized spellings of those names. Also, in the tradition of many English Bible translations, I use LORD – in all capital letters – to refer to the personal name of God, which is represented in the Hebrew Scriptures by the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).
Whether you choose to read these sections sequentially or in no particular order, my prayer is that what you do read will supply enough timely encouragement to pursue the Lord. May these temporal words from my hand serve only to increase your appetite for the Eternal Word of the Living God.

Knowing Him
“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”John 17:3

Do You Know Him?

Judges chapter 13 begins the bittersweet history of the life of Samson. The Bible tells us that before he was born, the Angel of the LORD – i.e. the pre-incarnate Christ – came to Samson's then barren mother and promised her a son and that her son would be a Nazarite to God from the womb, and that he would begin to save Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.
When the woman reported the encounter to her husband, Manoah, she reported the Man of God's appearance as terrifying. After hearing what the Lord had told her, her husband prayed to the LORD to send the Man of God again. Upon this second encounter, the Lord did not tell Manoah anything more than had already been told his wife, and Manoah asked, “What is Your name, that when Your words come to pass we may honor You?”
The Angel of the LORD said to him, “Why do you ask My name, seeing it is wonderful?”
After this encounter, Manoah said to his wife, “We shall surely die, because we have seen God!”
His wife, being reasonable, replied, “If the LORD had desired to kill us, He would not have accepted a burnt offering and a grain offering from our hands, nor would He have shown us all these things, nor would He have told us such things as these at this time.”
All of this tells me something about the spiritual condition of this couple. Although they knew of the LORD and feared Him, they ultimately didn't know Him. After the woman initially encountered the Angel of the LORD, she described Him as “a man of God” and terrifying. She went on to say that she did not ask His name nor where He was from, suggesting that she wasn't sure Who had spoken to her. Her husband has enough sense to pray to the one true God, but in the end feared that their encounter with the LORD would result in their death – completely ignoring that their demise would prevent the fulfillment of God's promises.
I am reminded of when Philip asked of Jesus, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us.” Jesus replied, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?” (John 14:8,9)
If the Lord appeared to you today, would you recognize Him, or would you be asking for His Name and where He is from? Are you joyfully expecting the fulfillment of His promises, or are you fearful that only death awaits you? Jesus said, this is life eternal: that you might know the only true God, and Jesus, the Messiah, whom He has sent (John 17:3).

Randall K. Harp has enjoyed sharing the Scriptures in a variety of settings including jail ministry, Sunday school classes, Bible studies (both in-home and on-air), and as a harbor ministry chaplain. Although many people have mistaken him for a pastor, he is just a well-studied lay person who is excited about learning and sharing the Word of God. Randall also enjoys composing and recording music in his home project studio. Although he grew up in Southern California, he now lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife of more than 20 years and a few pets.

To learn more about Randall or to grab your copy of "Illumine Me" drop by his Amazon Author Page!

CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Questions to the upcoming Q and A sessions from the Helping Hands Press Author Community!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the answers to questions we have posed to the authors in the Helping Hands Press Community here on the blog.

What are the questions we asked you may ask?

Here they are,if you have others that you would like answered please leave it in the comment section below this post or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar.

Thank you for supporting the authors and their work.

-What has inspired your writing?
-Do you have any pets? If so what?
-How did you get started as an author?
-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?
-Name your Top 5 Favorite Movies.
-What is your Favorite TV Series and what character would you play in it?
-What is your go to Social Media platform –Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Blog/Website-and why?
-What are your Top 5 Favorite Books and/or Characters?
-If you could be a Superhero what would your powers be and why?
-What was your worst part-time/summer job experience?
-What is your Favorite Season and why?
-If you had to choose a “Last Meal”, what would it be?
-Does your Faith influence your writing and if so in what way?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do you know who Dr. Marcus Quigley is?

Do you enjoy reading stories that have unique characters in them?

Do you enjoy Historicals? How about Westerns?

Well then Clay More's Dr. Marcus Quigley maybe just the character and series for you!

Who is Dr. Marcus Quigley?

Doctor Marcus Quigley is a dentist, gambler and occasional bounty hunter who is on a mission to find the the man who murdered his benefactress.

CLAY MORE is the western pen-name of Keith Souter, part doctor, medical journalist and novelist. He is a member of the Western Writers of America and is the current Vice President of Western Fictioneers.

His collection of short stories entitled The Adventures of Doctor Marcus Quigley has been published by High Noon Press in both paperback and ebook.

You can check the blog archives here on the HHP blog for a reading sample of Clay's work or go to his Amazon Author Page and see all of his incedible titles:

Voice Actor George Taylor discusses "Surviving Perilous Times" in this week's Podcast!

Most of the time we read passages like Luke 21 in light of an end-of-times narrative. However, I think that Jesus’ hearers – his disciples and apostles – would have heard this narrative in a different way. Jesus was preparing his disciples with instructions for survival in perilous times. In their day, Jerusalem was going to be destroyed, the church was to be scattered through persecution, and disciples would be killed. How would they get through those times?

In many ways, our times are not so different. There is persecution for believers in Jesus – some that leads to death. Churches are in trouble for various reasons. And times seem to be getting more difficult. How to God’s children cope?

In this podcast, I go back to Jesus’ instructions for His first followers from Luke 21:5-36. Let’s hear Jesus’ words as they might have heard them, not as an end-of-times narrative. What do we learn of coping in perilous times?

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What do you think of the beginning of Tony Hilling's "Silver Mines"? READ it RIGHT NOW!

He gradually awoke to the sensation of swaying movement, and found himself in a large cart with others. The cart became a cage with wheels, hauled by two oxen and accompanied by a company of fifty mounted soldiers. He moved and this time everything swayed inside his head without additional external help. He groaned slightly. He was on the floor of the cage while four other men, obviously Ma’apone were seated on a crude bench above him. Tethered to the cart, Blade was meekly following. As he became more aware of his surroundings, he saw other cages ahead and behind with their burden of slaves, accompanied by riders.
“Where are they taking us?” he asked his nearest neighbour.
Before an answer could form on his neighbour’s lips, a harsh voice from outside the cage responded for him. “Oh, you’re awake, Owa’en! Well, you might say that we are taking you to a place where you’re going to make a fortune in silver.” He paused then added, “‘Course you’re not going to be able to spend it…”
A wheezy laugh came from another of the riders.
“…then again we thought that we’d spend it for you…” More laughter
His neighbour then said quietly what Owa’en already knew, “We’re going to the Silver Mines, the graveyard of the Bladowrete.”
Owa’en surmised that Malengus must have made double preparations for him: the escort to the outskirts of the city, and then the reception of other guards to make sure he made it to the Silver Mines. The Northern Silver Mines, to cite its full name, had its own mythology. Its reputation was well known even beyond Davarensrod as the place where slaves and undesirables came to experience a living death. If slavery itself was frightful, existence in the Silver Mines stretched fear, twisted and distended to a superlative of horrors. Life there even for the Davarenge guards was dangerous. They themselves were the very slime of Aedistamen. Assigned there because of poor conduct in the regular army, these guards eked out a miserable existence in the mines, a life made tolerable by one thing only; the conviction that others, the slaves, were under their absolute control.
“We need to make sure to introduce Owa’en to the Lady of the Deeps…Taymachan,” continued the wag who had mocked him earlier. His evil chuckle came in a wheezy staccato. “She’s always looking for a lover, isn’t she Radnus?”
Radnus gave a serpent-like imitation of slithery movement, accompanied by rolling, staring eyes and teeth parted in a mirthless grin, all the time managing to stay seated on his horse. Laughter rose up again from the riders. Radnus turned to his companion, Janus the wag, “Do you remember that last time we saw her eat that slave alive?”
Janus nodded and shivered in spite of himself.
Owa’en had heard stories of Taymachan. If the misery of the Silver Mines were not enough itself, the legend of Taymachan, surely made it the worst of nightmares, the very pit of the Abyss. In the depths of the mines there was reputed to be a large creature, part worm, part slug or snake that patrolled the tunnels in a constant search for its prey, human beings. And when it found an unwary victim and seized him, it seemed to take great pleasure in devouring him slowly while the poor unfortunate screamed and writhed in an extended death agony. There were no cemeteries in the Northern Silver Mines; the Lady of the Deeps consumed the dead as well as the living. The creature was said to be fifty Forearms long and as wide as a doorway with a mouth and jaws that could easily accommodate a man. Owa’en prayed that Janus’ threat would never materialize.
The mines themselves were at least two hundred Seasons old. They were the only silver mines between the Western and the Tamenian seas, and the Davarenges enjoyed the monopoly. They were located about forty Marches north west of Davarenspay in the Coastal Range Mountains. In ancient times they had begun with horizontal tunnels that followed silver veins running through Hermit Mountain. Later Seasons brought deeper tunnels and vertical shafts extending to other mountains in a tortuous maze of lost caverns and deep halls. Near the ore-bearing mountains was the compound/stockade, which housed the guards and the slaves that were lucky enough to sleep outside the actual mines. Most spent their entire time in the darkness trying to fill the impossible quotas levied by the Warden. Even without the terror of Taymachan, they were constantly at risk: to sickness and disease because of the dust, and to injury because of frequent cave-ins in the poorly constructed tunnels and galleries.
They spent the night just off the main road north. No food or water was given them. The cage was their dormitory, their lavatory, and for one of the prisoners at least, a tomb. During the night he had managed to hang himself with a leather belt from the roof of the cage, his feet barely half a thumb’s length from the floor. It was the prisoner who had talked to Owa’en. Obviously, reflected Owa’en, he thought suicide was preferable to what awaited them all at the mines. In the early morning, the prisoners had alerted the guards and the dead man was removed.
“How about some water?” asked Owa’en as the guards were about their grisly business.
“Maybe we can let you have some wine, Owa’en,” said Janus, laughing, who sounded as if he had finished any wine there was to be had. He continued to cackle and stagger around to the merriment of the other guards. In sharp contrast, Owa’en sensed a bubble of despair in the cage. The suicide was affecting them all.
Owa’en turned to his companions almost desperately, “What’s your names?”
“What does it matter now?” said one of them.
“It matters!” said Owa’en passionately.
“Do you know where you are going?” said the other with matching but despairing zeal. “Bancaden did the right thing taking his life.”
“No he didn’t,” countered Owa’en. “I don’t care where I’m going or how bad it gets, but I’m not going willingly. If death wants to find me; well and good. But I’m not going to go looking for it…”
Their debate was interrupted by a deluge of water splashing over them all.
“The water you requested, Sir,” said Janus, still laughing.

“Give me a sword you bastard, and I’ll let your blood water the ground,” screamed Owa’en.
Janus’ jollity faded just a little to a drunken sneer. “Temper, temper little Lord!”
“What did you do to get sent here, Soldier?” said Owa’en. “Did you turn tail and run when the enemy charged? Or was it desertion?”
“What do you care, you Ma’apone scum!” spat Janus, his good spirits now thoroughly vanished.
“Ma’apone, yes,” said Owa’en in a loud voice. “I’m only here because of my race. You had to earn it. You’re the scum! Taymachan would probably spit you out of its jaws.”
Janus let out something between a roar and scream, seized a spear and tried to impale Owa’en through the bars of the wooden cage. The other prisoners cowered at the bottom of the cage trying to stay away from the business end of the weapon. Meanwhile, Owa’en danced this way and that, avoiding the drunken stabs of the guard. Finally, the latter thrust very close to him, catching him lightly on the side. Owa’en flinched but grabbed the staff of the spear, tore it back from Janus’ hands, then rammed the butt into the guard’s stomach. He doubled over, falling to his knees, retching into the sand. Owa’en then contemptuously threw the spear out of the cage on top of him.
By this time, the rest of the guards had surrounded the cage, including the commander who dismounted and ordered Owa’en out. Two other guards stripped him, dragged him to a tree, and tied him to it so that his feet were barely on the ground. Owa’en had seen the lash used often enough on the ordinary soldiers. It was not pretty to watch. Nothing could have prepared him for the experience of it. The pain was unbearable. As each stroke hit him, it drew screams of agony from his lungs. Instinctively, he started to count the strokes. Then, he lost count, each blow bringing greater agony than the last.
Even in the midst of his agony he heard Janus bellow, “Commander! Let me at him.”

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Opening Prayer Helping Hands Press Thirsty Thursday Party 9/17 - Patti J. Smith

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Listen to the audiobook sample of Patti J. Smith's "Redeemed" RIGHT NOW!

Narration by George has begun work on Patti J. Smith's Devotional "Redeemed". You can listen to the audiobook sample of it right now by clicking on the link right here or clicking on the image of the audiobook on the sidebar.

Here is the link:

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding an unplanned pregnancy, there is something women may not be aware of when they decide to abort. There might be a sense of relief at first; however, a few months, years, or decades later they may experience an emotional and/or spiritual crisis.
This devotional was inspired by the healing I received from the shame, regret and hopelessness that surfaced over twenty-five years after my abortions. It was written for women who have been hiding their secret, to assure them they are not alone in their suffering. The light of hope is within the darkness. God is merciful and blesses each one of us with His boundless compassion, love and forgiveness.

What do YOU think of the beginning of Larry Peterson's "The Demons of Abadon-V2-Father Sir"?

Father Sir

Jacob had sat almost motionless for almost three hours. He had to go to the bathroom but, afraid to move, had held it. He could not contain it any longer and slowly and as quietly as possible began to stand up. His first step toward the rear of the house was silent. The second one was not. A “squeak” from the old plank floor reverberated up from under the boy's sneaker. Jacob thought it sounded like an explosion although it could hardly be heard at all. The boy's heart sank and he froze in his tracks. It was too late. “Where have you been boy?”
“Sitting in the chair, Father Sir. But, but, I---I needed to relieve myself.”
“Don't sass me. You know what I mean. Where were you before you sat in the chair?
“Out, Father Sir. Just out.”
“Out where?”
Jacob, instantly gripped with fear, did not answer.
“The voice grew louder. “I asked you a question, boy. Do you violate the fourth commandment and dishonor your father by not answering his question? Do you?”
Jacob knew that lying was bad. He also knew that if he told the truth it would be bad. Either way, he would be punished---again. He did not want to be bad. He definitely did not want to violate a commandment. He did not know what to do. He started to cry. “Please, Father Sir, I was not bad. Please don't smite me. Please don't. I just need to relieve myself.”
Where WERE you I asked! You better tell me right now. Have you been off talking to heathens again, have you?”
Jacob began sobbing and his tears flowed freely. He knew what was coming. His father stood up and walked over to his terrified son, hovering over him and staring down with a malicious expression contorting his face. His huge, calloused hand grabbed hold of Jacob's hair and the boy was almost lifted out of the chair. Jacob screamed and, unable to hold it any longer, he wet himself. His father yelled, “Oh damn, look at what you did. You disgust me. You're an animal.”
He dragged Jacob to the front door as the boy hollered, “PLEASE, Father Sir, don't put me out there. Please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.”
They were words of futility. Micah Lightfoot opened the front door and said, “You are bad, Jacob. You have been given to me so you remain pure. I must keep you pure. You shall spend the night with the shadows. See them---fear them----and let the waters from above cleanse the impurities from your very being.”
He threw Jacob off the front steps, turned and slammed the front door behind him. Jacob, on all fours, pleaded, “Please, Father Sir. Please! I won't be bad. I'm sorry, Father Sir. Please don't leave me out here. Please don't.”
The only response that came from within the house was silence. Jacob crawled back up the front steps and curled himself into a fetal position getting as close to the front door as he could. It was his only shelter.
A storm was moving into the area and the temperatures were dropping. The wind began to hurl itself in different directions making eerie sounds as it danced through the giant trees. Then came the crackling of lightning followed by the booming thunder. The skies opened and began to empty themselves on everything below. Within minutes Jacob's “miserable soul” was being washed by sheets of rain. The sobbing boy, wet, cold, shaking and ensconced in a bubble of sheer terror, now waited for the “shadow people”. They always came.
After a while Jacob was worn out from sobbing and his fear had transferred into a resolute despair. He knew his drunken father would be sleeping again and it would be a longtime before he awoke. Jacob suddenly had a new thought that came into his tortured mind. Unlike other nights he had spent with the “shadows” maybe tonight could be different. He remembered that Mrs. Winters had told him that he could come back and visit her. Maybe, just maybe, he could visit now. Maybe Lily would help him find his way. He called out, “Lily, if you can hear me, can I have some light? I cannot see anything. Please Lily, I’m scared.”
He summoned up some new found strength and began to run through the storm filled, terrifying darkness. Just like that a light appeared in front of him. Jacob smiled and ran towards it. It guided him through the trees, away from obstacles, and straight to the Winters’ house. It was Lily and she was lighting his way.

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Listen to the audiobook sample of Anne Baxter Campbell's "The Roman's Quest" RIGHT NOW!

Narration by George has begun work on Anne Baxter Campbell's best-selling novel "The Roman's Quest". You can listen to the audiobook sample of it right now by clicking on the link right here or clicking on the image of the audiobook on the sidebar.

Here is the link:

Centurion Julius has eyes for a young Jewish woman, but a Roman is not what her father intends for her. Miriam is a pious Jewish girl, determined to do the right thing by her God and her parents, and she bows to her father’s wishes to betroth her to a Jewish fisherman, James ben Zebedee. Her heart yearns for the Roman, but their love is impossible. Miriam’s mother lies close to death, and her last wish is to see her daughter wed. The marriage has to take place before it’s too late.
Anne Baxter Campbell is a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves her Lord, her family, and writing. She and her husband, one very small dog, and one overweight cat live in north central California .

George Taylor discusses the making of Anne Baxter Campbell's best-selling novel "The Roman's Quest"

In The Roman’s Quest, by Anne Baxter Campbell, we meet Centurion Julius who has eyes for a young Jewish woman, Miriam. Miriam also has eyes for Julius, but a Roman is not who her father intends for her. Miriam is a pious Jewish girl, determined to do the right thing by her God and her parents, and she bows to her father’s wishes to betroth her to a Jewish fisherman, James ben Zebedee. Her heart yearns for the Roman; his heart yearns for her; but their love is impossible. Miriam’s mother lies close to death, and her last wish is to see her daughter wed. The marriage has to take place before it’s too late. Woven through this story is the presence of a new prophet on the scene; a man called Jesus.

Listen to some extended excerpts from this novel. The audiobook is coming soon from Helping Hands Press.

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Patti J. Smith is BUSY,BUSY,BUSY!

Patti J. Smith has a very busy September!

She has a radio interview being aired on Sunday Sept. 13th@6PMPT - .
On 9/19 She will be doing a workshop for the Diocesen Church Minister's Conference in Chula Vista - (workshop #2) then racing back to Escondido to speak at the 40 Days for Life kick-off.

Busy, busy, busy.

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Opening Prayer Helping Hands Press Thirsty Thursday Party 9/10!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where will Sue Badeau be SPEAKING in Sept/Oct/Nov?

Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Healing Trauma
Attach Conference
, Minneapolis, MN
Sept 24-27, 2015

Reducing Racial & Ethnic Disparities Panel
Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Sept 29, 2015

Keynote & Workshops
Chippewa County Council for Youth and Families
, Michigan
Oct 7, 2015

Tools for Adoptive Parents
Together as Adoptive Parents Training
, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 10, 2015

A Place in My Heart, keynote & workshops
Nov 7, 2015

Family Enrichment Center, keynote & workshops
Battle Creek, MI
Nov 14, 2015
Susan Badeau (Sue) writes and speaks extensively on topics related to children, particularly those with special needs and is a frequent and passionate keynote speaker and workshop leader at state, regional and national conferences. Sue and her husband, Hector, are the lifetime parents of twenty-two children, two by birth and twenty adopted (three, with terminal illnesses, are now deceased). They have also served as foster parents for more than 50 children in three states, and as a host family for refugee youth from Sudan, Kosovo and Guatemala. Recently, their 35th grandchild and fourth great-grandchild were born. They have won numerous awards for their work, including being recognized by President Clinton with an “Adoption Excellence” award, and receiving an “Angels in Adoption” award from Congress – both of these awards were for their work on behalf of adoption and children in foster care.

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A Day of Protest – A Day of Hope- Patti J. Smith

As an active participant in the pro-life movement, I was honored to be asked to speak at a recent Protest Planned Parenthood rally. The protests were nationwide as a way to inform the public of the barbarity of Planned Parenthood and hopefully open the eyes of those considering, supporting or endorsing abortion. More than 300 showed up at our location.
Here are the words I spoke at the rally....I pray they touched the hearts and minds of pro-aborts and those who have had, encourage or support abortion:

I am the mother of Matthew and Sarah, two precious angels and victims of my believing the rhetoric of the pro-choice community.

My first abortion was provided by my OB/GYN. I was not advised of possible emotional or psychological side effects, and the atmosphere was desperately lacking emotion or caring. As I left the office, there was an initial sense of relief I was no longer pregnant, but I needed a few drinks to dull the emptiness in my soul.

My second abortion was when I was twenty-seven. I had decided to keep the baby. When I shared the good news with my parents, they didn’t share my enthusiasm. They convinced me having a child would ruin my career. In fact, many of my friends had the same view. I gave in. This abortion was provided by Planned Parenthood. I chose Planned Parenthood because of my first experience and because they were known as “specialists” in abortion. I expected more compassion and understanding. WRONG Again, I was not advised of the possible side-effects. I was not advised of options other than abortion. The only assurance I received was when they told me it was a “simple” procedure and the line they are best known for…..”It’s just tissue.” No one held my hand or gave me any comfort at all. They treated the procedure more like having a splinter, not a baby removed. I was not given any prescriptions nor was a follow-up scheduled. I was told to call only if there was any unusual bleeding or excessive pain. I left the clinic once again feeling worthless and empty – another opportunity to self-medicate through alcohol – which I used to cover up the shame and remorse for the next thirty plus years.

Not only did my alcohol abuse increase after my abortions, my self-worth plummeted. I drank to numb the pain and sought out attention in negative ways. Ultimately, I convinced a doctor to give me a tubal ligation when I was thirty. I told myself I didn’t want children, but that wasn’t the case. I was punishing myself for the abortions, I felt unworthy of being a mother.

Years of pain followed and I eventually became suicidal. When the psychiatrist asked me why I wanted to die I told him, “I’m already dead inside, I just want to finish the job.” Praise God my treatment for depression as well as alcoholism was successful, but that wasn't all that was needed. It wasn’t until I attended a healing program for post-abortive women that I could face my past, accept the love and mercy of God and ask for and receive forgiveness from my children and myself.

I have to admit, the recently released videos exposing the sale of body parts by Planned Parenthood brought back all the shame and regret I carried for so many years. The images on those videos tore open a gaping wound in my heart, knowing what is being done to those precious babies and wondering if it happened to mine. Instead of reverting to old behaviors to hide the pain, I turn to God and my sisters and brothers in healing. I’m using the pain as more fuel to my fire for life.

Planned Parenthood betrayed women years ago and continues to do so every day by lying about the humanity of our babies, not offering alternatives to abortion and manipulating us into a decision not to help us ….. but profit from our crisis.

The reason we are here is to tell our community the truth about Planned Parenthood. But we are also here to tell those who chose, encourage or support abortion all is not lost. We have a loving and merciful God who loves all of His children. There is redemption, there is healing, there is hope.

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Read a sample from Ruth L. Snyder's "Uplifting Devotional for Parents" RIGHT NOW!

Uplifting Devotionals for Parents
Ruth L. Snyder

Church Tales

Sunday mornings are rarely the peaceful, worshipful times I would like them to be. They usually start off well, especially when I get up and spend a few quiet minutes reading my Bible and praying. However, once I rouse the rest of the household we start down the slippery Sunday slope.

First there’s a mad rush to get dressed. One son can’t find matching socks. My youngest daughter complains she’s still tired and hides under the covers. Another son puts his dirty clothes on from yesterday after I tell him to put on CLEAN clothes.
Then, there’s breakfast. Children squirm and fidget during our family devotions. One of our sons reaches for something and tips over his full glass of milk. Another son refuses to eat because he doesn’t like what’s on the table.
Next comes the ride to church. We wait for our sixteen-year-old daughter. She gets in and glares because she wasn’t allowed to practice driving today. Seat belts are finally on and we’re off. Two minutes later, one son is crying because his brother walloped him across the face. When I ask, “Why’d you hit him?” he shrugs. “Hands to yourselves, everyone,” I plead. A few minutes later our youngest daughter starts whining that she’s thirsty. There are no water bottles in sight. Fortunately the drive to town only lasts ten minutes.

We’ve made it to church. While I’m catching up with my friends, one of my sons is running laps. I remind him to walk. We resume our conversation. Another son is using the bathroom and forgot to close the door. When we enter the sanctuary, I focus on quieting my heart and mind. That lasts a couple of seconds—until my kids start fighting over who gets to sit beside me. We get the seating arrangement sorted out. Then my youngest son needs to go to the bathroom. He’s sitting the farthest from the aisle and trips over someone’s foot on his way out. Now his nose is bleeding. I rush him to the bathroom where I discover splatters of blood all the way down his brand new shirt. We clean up the best we can and return to the sanctuary. Again, I try to calm myself and focus on what God wants to teach me.

Sometimes I grasp most of the Pastor’s message; many times I don’t. But I’ve come to love and accept Sunday mornings with my imperfect kids and my even more imperfect parenting. After all, God doesn’t love me because I’m perfect; He loves me because He chooses to love me.

I’ve discovered that some of life’s greatest lessons are taught not by what happens, but by how I respond in messy situations.
I’ve also found peace in the midst of the turbulence of raising five challenging children, because God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. Here are some choices that help me cope:
1. Celebrate the “gifts” I receive every day, no matter how insignificant. (e.g. My washing machine works, I’m alive, The sunset is beautiful)
2. Acknowledge that I cannot successfully do anything without God
3. Spend time reading the Bible and praying
4. Remind myself that God is always with me and talk to Him about my joys and frustrations throughout the day
5. Share my journey with other women who will be brutally honest with me
Prayer: Father, Thank you that you understand the challenges of parenting. Help me to rely on your wisdom and strength today in all I do and say. Amen

Ruth's Devotional is available on B&N Nook, Kobo, and Amazon Kindle. Here is the Amazon link: