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CHECK IT OUT! A Page right out of Trina Gunzel's soon to be released Children's Book "Grandpa's Are Giving"

This book is inspired by loving memories and teachings from grandfathers. Everyone has their own childhood memories or has heard stories about their grandparents. Some, we will never meet or know except through stories. When we pass down information about our families and our history, our children are able to understand their roots and have a firm foundation from which they can grow, build their own lives, and create new family memories. This book shares some idealistic qualities of grandpas sparked from childhood memories, and interactions as an adult, I have witnessed my children experiencing. Oil pastels are lovingly used to create the heartwarming childlike illustrations in this book. I hope you enjoy the conversations and interaction sparked by this family keepsake work.

Grandpas are giving because they teach their sons everything they know ANYTHING about so someday, when they have kids, they’ll have something to teach them, too. Some grandpas teach about fishing, some teach about hunting, some teach about singing and playing, and they always teach about hard work. When I work hard, my mama says I’m growing big muscles and that I’m making my grandpa proud. I like that a lot.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trina Gunzel @TgunzelTrina "Happy Summer Making Memories!"

Happy summer making memories!

I have been busy with my family on our little farm caring for our ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys and harvesting our delicious fresh garden vegetables. We raise our own bees and this is the first year we'll have our own honey so we're excited about that.

One of my favorite summer refreshing drinks is mixing 1 peeled and sliced cucumber, some grated ginger, a sliced green apple, and one sliced lemon in a glass jar with water, ice and fresh mint leaves. Chill and enjoy! Remember to keep hydrated in this heat!

Relationships and family are very important to me and I’ve been enjoying meeting new people through book talks, workshops, and author visits sharing my first two books: Grandmas Are Gorgeous and Can't The Highs and Lows of Raising a Type 1 Diabetic Child on a coast to coast tour. My newest book will be published with Helping Hands Press so look forward to Grandpas Are Giving, coming soon!

My family keepsake books encourage conversations, sharing memories, and experiences. I look forward to connecting with you more. Find me through my social media outlets below for inspiration, encouragement, fun, and educational resources.

What are you doing to improve yourself, today?

Thank you for connecting with me!

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Have a great day!
Trina Licavoli Gunzel


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Please meet Crystal A. Casey's @Huggy_Dougie #Childrens character "Huggy Dougie : The Boy Who Gave Too Many Hugs"

At 2:22pm on June 17, 2009, my whole world changed forever…….

In 2006 I began after six years of being married, trying to have a baby. I was not successful and began to seek treatment via a fertility specialist... My first miscarriage came in 2007, and then another one in 2008... .. I kept trying, the heart of me cried out to be a mom, not because it is what you are supposed to do (the white picket fence dream), but because it was my heart. I had so much love and laughter to give. I became pregnant in latter part of 2008 and quickly settled into watching “TLC, A Baby Story,” eagerly planning the future of my son. Dreams of all the milestones filled my heart.

At 32 weeks I was rushed to hospital, and via C-Section gave birth to a baby boy weighing 3lbs and ten ounces (17 inches long) ….
Quickly I realized it was not the TLC dream ending I had planned on. I was wheeled into recovery and my husband came to meet me in the room with a Doctor in tow. She came to my bed, and put her elbows on corner of the bed, and said, “Congratulations Mrs. Casey you have a baby boy and he has Down Syndrome! “Any questions?” my eyes were wide as ever, and I just shook my head as if to say no; my mouth refused to allow any words to come out. He was born with holes in heart and partial deaf. He spent his first six weeks of his life in the NICU.

2:22pm on June 17, 2009, God gave me the most beautiful joyous gift. His name is Fisher named after Simon Peter in the bible so he could be a Fisher of men, and it also fits because my husband is an avid angler.
My journey changed forever; so about me; my name is Crystal Anne and I am a proud mom of a child with Down Syndrome. I have never fought harder, cried bigger and laughed deeper…

He had open heart surgery at ten months old. He still has a few holes left but is doing amazing. He was healed of his deafness after three years of wearing hearing aids, today he has complete hearing. He is very happy and full of life. He is very high functioning and has proven to break most of every stereotype associated with Down Syndrome children. I am so proud to introduce him to the world via my character inspired by him known as Huggy Dougie.

I have always possessed a passion for books and writing. I have written since I was a small girl. At the age of ten I would check out books at the library 50,000 pages long about the monarchy of Kings and Queens. I just love to read and write.

As I have walked along this DS path, creative inspiration has birthed the ideas to write about the adventures of Huggy Dougie. I pray these stories inspire you, and show you a glimpse of the highs and lows of our journey. I am so happy to have the opportunity to share Fisher’s love and passion for life. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share a piece of myself and my life with you.

Crystal Anne is a children's book author that is just beginning her adventure with Helping Hands Press, and her storybook persona, Huggy Dougie, based on her son’s journey through life with Down syndrome. Huggy Dougie’s adventures are the result of Crystal Anne’s adaptations of her son’s life as seen through both of their eyes. The author hopes that these adventures will provide entertainment and learning opportunities for both parents and children. Her hope is to inspire a passion for reading and creativity.
Being a parent of a special needs son is the greatest honor I have every experienced. Every day is full of surprises. Through my relationship with my son, I have learned so much about life and what it is that makes us who we are later in life. The wonder and innocence I find in my son's world is the inspiration for Dougie's adventures. Dougie is a loving boy, full of emotion and always seeking friendship. Thank you for taking the time to live in my world and help us introduce Dougie to your family!

Connect with Crystalon:
Facebook :

Listen to Trina Gunzel @TgunzelTrina discuss her upcoming #Childrens #Activity book release on the "Inspirational Talk Radio Network"!

Trina Gunzel was our guest on the blogtalk radio simulcast of our Thursday night Aug. 11th Facebook/Twitter Party.

You can listen to Trina discuss her upcoming book anytime 24/7 by either clicking on the widget on the HHP blog sidebar or by clicking this link and going to Blogtalk Radio:

Hello! I am Trina Licavoli Gunzel and I am a loving wife, grateful mother of two precious kiddos and thankful to be able to do what I love: write, educate, encourage, and motivate people working around the country as an author and educational consultant/trainer. As a Master Teacher, I work to bring all of the best teaching practices I am trained in to anything I do. I enjoy creating art, fishing, hiking, camping, gardening, hiking, sharing experiences and traditions, and capturing beautiful moments with photography. It’s nice to meet you!

I have been writing stories since I was a child and enjoy realistic fiction based work and biographical motivational writing. I am truly motivated to help others through my works and enjoy sharing resources, recipes, artistic extension activities, and write to encourage conversations, relationships, thinking, and the creative imagination. Family is my passion and strengthening and preserving families is a tremendous motivation behind my work.

Many of the resources you will find in my books and on my website,, can be used by parents at home with their children for any “teachable moments,” by teachers at school with their classes whole group, small group, at centers, or individually, and make great resources for project based learning, development of concepts, and for shared instruction.

What are readers saying about @CindyNoonan Award-Winning #YAHistorical "Dark Enough To See The Stars"???????

Readers love Cindy Noonan's Award-Winning Young Adult Historical Thriller "Dark Enough To See The Stars".

Below we have snippets of a number of the reviews she has gotten on Amazon.

The novel is on sale right now for just $0.99! Grab it while you can at this incredible price!

" This book gives a great insight into the world of slavery through a child's eyes and let's you experience the difficult process of finding freedom by way of The Underground Railroad."

"Not just for teens. Will introduce anyone to the risks of following the underground railroad to the north -- and even there the young protagonist was not safe. Took many courageous people along the way. Full of adventures."

"This book is written for middle schoolers through the eyes of 12 year old Moses. Cindy Noonan makes the reader feel Moses' hopes, fears, and determination as he follows the North Star to freedom. I think it is an important read for every child or adult ..a window into a dark chapter of our history and a reminder of the strength of hope."

" I truly enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and will really give middle schoolers a feel for what it was like for slaves to travel the underground railroad. You are rooting for Moses the whole way through. I can not wait for my 12 year old daughter to read it."

"Dark Enough to See the Stars paints a realistic picture of slavery in America before the Civil War. The plot draws readers in from the first page as they follow Moses in his quest for freedom. This is a story with heart. Middle grade kids will enjoy the book on their own, and it's a great read-aloud story for families to enjoy. This is a great gift idea, too."

"You don't have to be a twelve-year-old boy to enjoy this riveting story of bondage, loss, escape and liberty. Middle school students, teachers and parents alike will gain valuable insights into the lives of runaway slaves, the role of The Underground Railroad in American history and the Abolitionist Movement. And more importantly, they will grow in their appreciation for the not-so-easily-explained cost of freedom. Don't waste your time looking for a better way to teach history to your kids. Buy it today!"

Here is the Amazon link for both the ebook and paperback:

@SueBadeau #Devotional "Clean Heart, Renewed Joy: A Six-Week Journey Through Psalm 51" is NOW an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal!

Sue Badeau's Devotional "Clean Heart, Renewed Joy: A Six-Week Journey Through Psalm 51" is now an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal!

Sue would like to know: " Does Psalm 51 stir your soul? Do you long for the “clean heart” and “renewed joy” promised in these familiar verses?"

You can read a sample of one of the Devotionals right here on the HHP blog: Give 'Day 17' a read from Sue Badeau@SueBadeau #Devotional 'Clean Heart,Renewed Joy'! #Inspirational

Feel free to leave a comment here on the blogpost,use the Contact Form on the HHP blog sidebar, or connect with directly on her website: She would love your input and to hear your opinion!

Sue's Devotional is available in both ebook and paperback:

This Psalm contains a perfect and complete framework, divided into six themes, for the Christian walk of continual renewal, growth and purpose. This six-week devotional is a perfect guide when you are ready to embark on a season of reflection and renewal. Begin expectantly and come away refreshed and re-invigorated with a renewed sense of joy and purpose!

" In Clean Heart, Renewed Joy you will experience the reality of God's redeeming grace. Sue Badeau beautifully illuminates the message of hope and light which God extends to all of us, his children." ~Sarah Meece, Speaker and Author, A Dose of Hope

Hector and Sue Badeau are an amazing couple who built a family of 22 kids and along the way, developed expertise in child welfare and caring for those with significant disabilities and challenges. Her experiences with children provide the rich source material, giving her unique insights and meaningful applications for God’s word in scripture, including those featured in this book.

Sue is also the author of a memoir about her family’s adoption journey, “Are We There Yet? The Ultimate Road Trip Adopting & Raising 22 Kids,” several short works of fiction featuring adoption, foster care and adoption themes in the Sweetland, Loonstone Lake and Christmases Past series published by Helping Hands Press and numerous other articles and training materials.

Learn more about Sue’s speaking and writing ministry at
And about the Badeau family at www.,

Read the beginning of @murray_pura #Western #Suspense #Thriller "Silver City - Volume 4 - I Knew You Were Trouble" RIGHT NOW!

Have you started Murray Pura's sizzling hot Western Thriller series "Silver City" yet?

The first three stories are Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deals and reading samples of each story are here on the HHP blog. Below you will find the links to the reading sample for "Volume 3" , the Amazon Kindle Unlimited link for "Volume 3" and the beginning of "Volume 4"!

Saddle Up! and enjoy the ride! You are about to shot out of the shoot! Read the 1st Chapter of @murray_pura #Western #Suspense "Silver City-V3-Amarillo by Morning" RIGHT NOW!!!!!! #NewRelease @murray_pura #Western #Suspense Kindle Unlimited Deal "Silver City-V3-Amarillo By Morning" #Thriller

Volume 4
I Knew You Were Trouble

The shotgun blasts had barely stopped echoing before Grayden was running at a crouch to the farmhouse.

As messed up as Ty was, Grayden figured he could handle the heavily armed operatives moving up the dirt track. At least for a few minutes. It probably wasn’t good business sense, but he had to be sure Keegan was okay. She and her family had come into harm’s way because of him. He wasn’t going to leave them to the wolves.

He was not even halfway to the house before a crackle of gunfire from behind told him his brother was engaged. He kept running, straightening up to get a longer stride. The ground began to shake under his feet and he expected to hear an RPG blast go off in front or in back of him.

Instead he saw cattle horns glittering in the light of the burning Suburban. Dozens of them. Hundreds of them. Sweeping along the track towards him, hooves hammering the earth, eyes wild. He turned and ran back towards the flames.

“Get close to the wreck!” he yelled at his brother. “Never mind the shooters! Roll up to the flames!”

Ty stared at him. “Are you nuts? I’ll make a perfect target!”

Bullets ripped past Grayden as he dove for the fire. “You already are a perfect target!”

Ty saw the stampede the same time as a gunman did. The shooter froze, but Ty hurled himself so close to the flaming wreckage the heat singed his eyebrows and eyelashes. He didn’t care. He had seen a bullrider reduced to jelly under a Brahma’s hooves. A hundred head of Angus would do an even better job.

The steers roared past. Dirt and stone peppered Ty’s face. He squinted and watched them tear into the shooters. Gunfire brought down two or three or six or seven of the cattle. But they were a tsunami of horns and hooves and flesh and could not be stopped. Two women in black masks screamed as the herd crushed them. Another was standing and firing, hoping that would make the steers veer left and right of her, but a pair of horns drove deep into her stomach and chest and she fell. He saw a man get tossed in the air twice before he vanished.
“Where did they come from?” he shouted to his brother.

Grayden was curled in a ball six feet away. “I got a hunch it was the woman.”

“What? Your girlfriend?”

“Whatever she is. I saw cattle penned up way back of the farmhouse yesterday. This has to be them.” Grayden pulled his hat farther down over his face to block the heat. “She must have followed me to see what was up. Then gone back and opened the gate and freaked out the herd with those shotgun blasts. She’s crazy.”

“Sounds like my kind of crazy.”

“My kind too. A stampede is like a scene out of a John Wayne western.”

“Everything in our lives is like a scene out of a John Wayne western.”

“Are you guys just gonna curl up and die?”

Grayden looked up at Keegan. She was standing over him with her shotgun on her hip. The flames and shadows made her face look tribal. Her grin was actually scary.

“The steers are gone, Marshal, and so are the black hats.”

Grayden peeled himself away from the fire. “Much obliged, ma’am.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what?”

“I’m 21. I told you that. A mature one, maybe, but still 21 so I’m not a ma’am.”

Grayden grinned. “I’ll try to remember.”

“Do that.”

Ty limped up to them. “I’m shot to pieces. A few more and I’d be a screen door. Thank ya.”

“Are you Grayden’s partner?” Keegan asked.

“It’s more like he’s mine.”

Grayden had his 45 up and aimed and was slowly walking in on the bodies smashed by the cattle. “Those steer’ll be scattered from here to Texas. Are you sure you wanted to do that, Keegan?”

She tossed her long hair. “If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have done it.”

“Kind of a crazy idea.”

“It didn’t look like you had any better ones, cowboy.”

Grayden holstered his HK. “Thirteen bodies. I guess a few could have lit out ahead of the herd.”

Keegan snorted. “I guess not. I was watching.” She turned away. “But I’m not interested in seeing their skulls and shinbones and guts. This is one hell of a weekend you brought to Alberta, Marshal Grayden.”
“Yeah. Consider it part of the rodeo.”

“Oh, it’s part of the rodeo, all right. Who needs Brahma bulls when New Mexico comes to town?” She narrowed her eyes as Grayden walked up and stood beside her. “I knew you were trouble.”

ALL 3 stories in @JoyRossDavis #Fantasy #Paranormal #Angel Trilogy "The Firelight Angels" are NOW Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deals!

Right now all three stories in Joy Ross Davies Fantasy Paranormal Angel series "The Firelight Angels" are Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deals!

"Ms. Davis has a masterpiece of suspense, mystery and romance in this novel! I could not put it down and every word contributed to the mysterious mood and heart-stopping drama."

"I was hooked from the start. Preacher's Cove with its cast of angels and demons and lovers, with its labyrinth of paranormal twists and turns, is definitely a spellbinding read. Hap and Libby light the way and light up each others' hearts."

"My first experience with the paranormal and Joy strung me along for the whole ride! I had no idea what was going on in the strange little town of Preacher's Cove until she chose to reveal it to me. I was engrossed from the start and couldn't wait to find out how everything and everyone tied together. So well written. This was my second book of Joy's to read and I am ready for another."

Libby Arbuckle has a secret, a deadly secret that could destroy everyone in the small town of Preacher’s Cove, already plagued by a rash of furious storms and mysterious deaths. On assignment to Preacher’s Cove, Hap Murray, a cocky but handsome reporter, meets Libby and is immediately struck by how familiar she seems to him. But when he presses her for information, she tells him only convincing lies. One person in the town, Police Chief Burton Riggs, befriends Hap and urges him to seek out the doll maker, Lucy Arbuckle, Libby’s demented sister and an artistic genius who creates the Firelight Angels, uncanny replicas of children in the Cove. These dolls hold the key to the deadly storms. When Libby finally shares her secret with Hap, she tells him of a living angel, the Angel of Justice, hidden deep in the woods. Their new-found trust in each other turns to love, and they risk their lives to heal Lucy. In doing so, they expose a vicious murderer and save an abandoned child. But solving the murders is only the first step in their struggle to free Preacher’s Cove from the clutches of a tyrant named Ike Madison. After an intense battle at the ancient burial site called The Hallows, Lucy is healed, Ike is finally thwarted, and Hap and Libby come away wounded but thoroughly enamoured with each other. Armed with a new love and the story of a lifetime, Hap settles into Preacher’s Cove with Libby and only one last secret: a single thread that will unravel an ancient legend.

Here is the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal link:

Enter to WIN @LindaMassucci #FamilySaga "Legacy of Grandpa's Grapevine" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Starting today and going on until the next Helping Hands Press Thursday Night Party on August 25th, Linda Massucci's "Legacy of Grandpa's Grapevine" will be the contest giveaway novel. One lucky winner will have the paperback sent to them and 5 more winners will receive the ebook.

Below is the novel's description,the Amazon link (the ebook is an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal), and a little bit about Linda and where you can find her on social media!

Enter to win by leaving a comment here on the blogpost, contacting Linda, or by using the Contact Form on the HHP blog sidebar.

Good luck to everyone!

Amazon link:

Whenever Elizabeth Manciano faced a tough decision or needed advice, Grandpa Frank was there. With his guidance, Elizabeth learned to think about the consequences of her actions, make ethical choices, and do the things she feels passionate about. It is not until she struggles to write Grandpa Frank’s eulogy, that she fully understands the impact he’s had on her life.
As Elizabeth remembers the times she shared with her grandfather, she finds herself confronting one more big decision. Will she once again find the courage to follow her dreams?

Linda Massucci grew up in a small town in Connecticut. She first enjoyed creative writing in elementary school and continued to write short stories in high school. At college, she wrote a short story for a Christian Marriage class and was told her writing was very similar to John Steinbeck. She often writes early in the morning and dedicates many weekends to editing and revising. Learn more at her website- or connect at or

"You should write because you can't not write, not in the hopes of getting published. The characters and message in the book should matter to you. If you're worried about what a publisher is looking for or if anyone will want to read it, than I think you're in the wrong profession. In my opinion, there are too many 'copy-cat' books out there and a lot of celebrities who get books published because companies know their name will sell the material. As an avid reader, I look for books that inspire, educate and allow me to use my imagination."

Linda's books allow the reader to contemplate the importance of family, faith, values and how the actions each person takes in life always affect other people. Whether she is writing fiction or non-fiction, Linda's stories continue to inspire us all to reflect on our actions and live everyday to the fullest!

@gridirongranny5 Patti J. Smith's #Devotional "Behind The Smile: Overcoming #Depression through #Scripture and #Prayer" is now an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal!

Multi-genre author Patti J. Smith has written a number of Devotionals and right now they are all Kindle Unlimited Deals!

Patti's Devotionals each have a theme to them.

"Behind The Smile: Overcoming Depression through Scripture and Prayer" tackles a very serious subject.

Below you will find the Devotionals synopsis, the Amazon link and little bit about Patti.Feel free to connect and contact her.She loves to hear from readers!

Amazon Kindle Unlimited link:

Behind our smiles are tears. We are the victims of depression. We are the ones who are fighting a war within ourselves – a war that consists of many battles on many fronts. Of those won, the losses always seem to eclipse the triumphs.

This book addresses the spiritual side of the battle by utilizing personalized scripture, to bring the reader into God's word with the goal of providing serenity and hope.

We can be victorious … through treatment, scripture and prayer.

Patti J. Smith is a best-selling author of devotionals, light romance and suspense. She was born into a military family in Wimpole Park, England and traveled extensively during her childhood.

She lives in Vista, CA with her husband and has four beautiful granddaughters. She is a prolific blogger and reader, and proudly admit to being a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan and Fantasy Football fanatic. Her travel adventures include Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Fiji, South Korea and almost all states - including Hawaii and Alaska.

Follow her blog:

Please welcome #NonFiction #Author @DeloresPaulk and "The Paulk Perspective”

My name is Delores Paulk. I was born in 1950 to Jacob and Kathryn Buckwalter, who were missionaries in the state of Kentucky at the time.

I graduated from high school in 1968, did not attend college, and went right into the work force. In 1971 I met a man named Rev. Bill Drury, founder of a Christian Youth Organization called Teen Haven. In November of that same year I moved from the peaceful, rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania into the heart of North Philadelphia to work with him.

I spent seven years as a Bible teacher, camp counselor, rec room supervisor and bus driver. My experiences during that time opened my eyes and heart to a world I never knew existed.

When I left Teen Haven and moved as a single woman into the Germantown section of Philly, I met a Black man named Peter. Through many, many long conversations I learned about the history of Blacks in America and before slavery.

Thirty-six years and two kids later, we are still talking and I have a deep desire to share what I have learned with the hopes of introducing my readers to a whole new world of hope and understanding.

Connect with Delores on Facebook,,or on Twitter

New Release! @PegPhifer #InspiredRomance #Suspense "Sweetwater River - Volume 5 - Depths"

Peggy Blann Phifer has just released the next story in her Inspired Romance Suspense series "Sweetwater River - Volume 5 - Depths"!

The entire "Sweetwater River" series are Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deals!

You can read the beginning of the Volume 5 right here on the HHP blog by clicking on this link:

Here is the Amazon Kindle Unlimited link and the story synopsis:

As Mike and Rozene Carson enter their second year of marriage, Rozene applies to the Sweetland City Planning Commission for a building permit to begin construction on the much-needed expansion of Gentry’s Family Restaurant. But things don’t go quite as expected, when he commission delays their decision. Without the building permit, Rozene’s small business loan would not be approved.

At least Rozene could look forward to their four adopted girls’ return home from college to begin their spring break vacation. But that’s not to be, either. Rozene faces more disappointment when she learns that the two oldest girls have other plans and would not be spending the next ten days at their forever home along the banks of the Sweetwater River in Sweetland, Arkansas. Was her brand-new family breaking up so soon?