Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FIVE Questions with Anne Baxter Campbell!!!!!!

- What has inspired your writing?
People inspire me, especially ones who have undergone horrendous experiences and come out with stronger faith than they had before and with their sense of humor intact.

-Do you have any pets?
Yes. The most famous is probably Meggie Wigglesworth, our overboard friendly little rescue dog. She has her own Facebook page. She is one dog determined to be everybody’s friend, whether they like dogs or not. Undaunted by folks who ignore her, she wiggles and waggles in front of them until they surrender to her irresistible charm. And then there’s Cleo Campbell, our royal black panther. Er, cat. Unwilling to fawn over anything but her breakfast, she instead fixes newcomers (and us) with an evil glare intended to send them (and us) scurrying for food.

-How did you get started as an author?
Oddly enough, it was a speech I gave in Toastmasters that started me on the way. We had this amazing kitten, and I wrote a speech that went over my time limit. Those gathered loved the story, though, and when I showed it to my family, one of them said it would make a great children’s story. And so the Adventures of Maybe series was birthed. So far three children’s books with more planned….

-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?
Eclectic. I listen mostly to a Christian music station in the car, except when hubby’s along. He wants NPR or classical music. Don’t get me wrong—I do like classical, but I also like Christian rock and hymns, easy listening, country-western, folk music, and soft rock. Do NOT like loud anything. I resent that the loud music in my young and stupid days stole much of my hearing, and now I have difficulty hearing anything my hubby and my friends say.
Oddly enough, yes—I used to write a lot of music. A few are copyrighted, but I’ve only sung them for family and church. One of my favorites I call Mary’s Song, about how Jesus’s mother might have felt when he was born and through his life. “I” wrote the whole thing in probably twenty minutes, and I feel strongly that it was inspired by God. As I do about most of the other songs, but perhaps this one especially.

-What is your Favorite TV Series and what character would you play in it?
Honestly? I don’t watch hardly any of the new ones, so I guess my favorite must be an old one, Murder, She Wrote. And of course I would be Jessica Fletcher, the author and mystery solver extraordinaire.

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  1. Anne, I enjoyed learning more about you. Especially about your little rescue dog. I love dogs as well.

  2. I would love to hear the songs you've written. I have written some, also.

  3. Keep up the songwriting. Sounds like a gifted way to express feelings.