Thursday, September 10, 2015

What do YOU think of the beginning of Larry Peterson's "The Demons of Abadon-V2-Father Sir"?

Father Sir

Jacob had sat almost motionless for almost three hours. He had to go to the bathroom but, afraid to move, had held it. He could not contain it any longer and slowly and as quietly as possible began to stand up. His first step toward the rear of the house was silent. The second one was not. A “squeak” from the old plank floor reverberated up from under the boy's sneaker. Jacob thought it sounded like an explosion although it could hardly be heard at all. The boy's heart sank and he froze in his tracks. It was too late. “Where have you been boy?”
“Sitting in the chair, Father Sir. But, but, I---I needed to relieve myself.”
“Don't sass me. You know what I mean. Where were you before you sat in the chair?
“Out, Father Sir. Just out.”
“Out where?”
Jacob, instantly gripped with fear, did not answer.
“The voice grew louder. “I asked you a question, boy. Do you violate the fourth commandment and dishonor your father by not answering his question? Do you?”
Jacob knew that lying was bad. He also knew that if he told the truth it would be bad. Either way, he would be punished---again. He did not want to be bad. He definitely did not want to violate a commandment. He did not know what to do. He started to cry. “Please, Father Sir, I was not bad. Please don't smite me. Please don't. I just need to relieve myself.”
Where WERE you I asked! You better tell me right now. Have you been off talking to heathens again, have you?”
Jacob began sobbing and his tears flowed freely. He knew what was coming. His father stood up and walked over to his terrified son, hovering over him and staring down with a malicious expression contorting his face. His huge, calloused hand grabbed hold of Jacob's hair and the boy was almost lifted out of the chair. Jacob screamed and, unable to hold it any longer, he wet himself. His father yelled, “Oh damn, look at what you did. You disgust me. You're an animal.”
He dragged Jacob to the front door as the boy hollered, “PLEASE, Father Sir, don't put me out there. Please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.”
They were words of futility. Micah Lightfoot opened the front door and said, “You are bad, Jacob. You have been given to me so you remain pure. I must keep you pure. You shall spend the night with the shadows. See them---fear them----and let the waters from above cleanse the impurities from your very being.”
He threw Jacob off the front steps, turned and slammed the front door behind him. Jacob, on all fours, pleaded, “Please, Father Sir. Please! I won't be bad. I'm sorry, Father Sir. Please don't leave me out here. Please don't.”
The only response that came from within the house was silence. Jacob crawled back up the front steps and curled himself into a fetal position getting as close to the front door as he could. It was his only shelter.
A storm was moving into the area and the temperatures were dropping. The wind began to hurl itself in different directions making eerie sounds as it danced through the giant trees. Then came the crackling of lightning followed by the booming thunder. The skies opened and began to empty themselves on everything below. Within minutes Jacob's “miserable soul” was being washed by sheets of rain. The sobbing boy, wet, cold, shaking and ensconced in a bubble of sheer terror, now waited for the “shadow people”. They always came.
After a while Jacob was worn out from sobbing and his fear had transferred into a resolute despair. He knew his drunken father would be sleeping again and it would be a longtime before he awoke. Jacob suddenly had a new thought that came into his tortured mind. Unlike other nights he had spent with the “shadows” maybe tonight could be different. He remembered that Mrs. Winters had told him that he could come back and visit her. Maybe, just maybe, he could visit now. Maybe Lily would help him find his way. He called out, “Lily, if you can hear me, can I have some light? I cannot see anything. Please Lily, I’m scared.”
He summoned up some new found strength and began to run through the storm filled, terrifying darkness. Just like that a light appeared in front of him. Jacob smiled and ran towards it. It guided him through the trees, away from obstacles, and straight to the Winters’ house. It was Lily and she was lighting his way.

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