Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FIVE questions with Joseph Max Lewis!!!!!!

- What has inspired your writing? Everything, current events, books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, conversations I’ve had with friends.

-Do you have any pets? Yes. My wife and I rescue standard rough haired collies - the ones that look like Lassie - except we adopt the big males, 80 to 85 lbs.

-How did you get started as an author? In the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center I wrote a non-fiction book about the war on terror and then thought, why not a novel? The rest is history.

-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music? Rock and Roll, Classical music for background. No I don’t write to music, when I write, I’m lost to the world, in the story, wondering what’s going to happened next and when I find out getting it down on paper.

-Name your Top 5 Favorite Movies. A Man for All Seasons, Grosse Point Blank, Ordinary People (the best acting I’ve ever seen), The Green Berets (of course!), The Godfather (all of them)

-What is your Favorite Season and why? Fall, perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, occasional rain, changing colors, leaves.

Where can you find Joseph Max Lewis on Social Media? Here are a few of his favorite spots:




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