Wednesday, July 27, 2016

THE GOD OF THE JEWS - @TonyHilling

One of the issues in our world that has truly puzzled me is, what I would term, the mystery of Antisemitism. I say, “mystery” because of two related facts: the Jews are unique in many ways, one of which is that they seemed to have incurred the hostility of almost every other race on earth. For the past four thousand years their enemies include a selection amounting to a Hall of Fame of influential peoples: Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Seleucids, Romans, in the ancient world; and French, English, Russians, Germans and Islamic, in the modern world. Secondly, if you research a “Who’s Who” of the world’s most celebrated persons in the arts and sciences, the Jewish people, in contrast to their small numbers, have an undeniable lion’s share of the pie. So why have they endured so much hatred?

Some may find that the reason for their pillory status is wrapped up in the fact that they are the Chosen People. In that comical scene from “Fiddler on the Roof”, Teviah is lamenting to God about the suffering of his people and suggests gently that maybe God should go choose someone else for a while. There is clearly some envy among the Non-Chosen Gentiles. There is also much racist false accusation. I remember an influential lawyer quoted as saying that there were so few Jewish farmers because one can’t cheat “Mother Nature”, whoever she is! But I believe there is even more to it than this. The Jewish People have become a lightning rod for the rest of humanity. Plainly put, if you love the God of Israel, you will love His Chosen People. And Please note I speak of love, not some careless “people worship” that is blind to their failings and ours. But in these days, when Antisemitism is on the rise once more, I say that the way we treat the Jewish People will decide the issue of which side of the line we are on: are we for the God of Israel or not?

At root, “The Voice of Aedistamen” is a clear allegory of the Jewish People in a fantasy world. The Ma’apone, as they are called, endure much suffering that is at least partially due to their own weakness and sin. Yet the Ghaedsesh-Mor does not forget them. Indeed, He pursues them with covenant love and overwhelms them with His grace. And in volume 7 of the story, we are introduced to a satanic character who becomes their implacable enemy. It is interesting that those in the story from other peoples who help the Ma’apone are the memorable ones, the true unsung heroes. Whereas those who hate them ultimately come to ruin.

The scriptures are clear on this: God has chosen His people, Israel. We who claim to love Him, will love His choices. Conversely, if we oppose God, we align ourselves with Satan. Antisemitism is ultimately demonic.

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