Thursday, September 10, 2015

Listen to the audiobook sample of Patti J. Smith's "Redeemed" RIGHT NOW!

Narration by George has begun work on Patti J. Smith's Devotional "Redeemed". You can listen to the audiobook sample of it right now by clicking on the link right here or clicking on the image of the audiobook on the sidebar.

Here is the link:

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding an unplanned pregnancy, there is something women may not be aware of when they decide to abort. There might be a sense of relief at first; however, a few months, years, or decades later they may experience an emotional and/or spiritual crisis.
This devotional was inspired by the healing I received from the shame, regret and hopelessness that surfaced over twenty-five years after my abortions. It was written for women who have been hiding their secret, to assure them they are not alone in their suffering. The light of hope is within the darkness. God is merciful and blesses each one of us with His boundless compassion, love and forgiveness.

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