Thursday, October 8, 2015

PLEASE help Flora Reigada choose the cover of her soon to released Romance novel!!!!!!

We never know when a minor change in our daily routine will alter the course of our lives. Thirty-something Liz Bertelli had other things on her mind that fateful day she wandered from her usual walking path in rural New York State. Venturing into the forest behind her home, she follows one of the many centuries-old stone walls winding through the woods.
But not even the forest's beauty and April's pine-scented breath, could keep the tears from her sad brown eyes.
Her husband, Steve, had left for a plaything in her twenties and it had been far too long since Liz, an award-winning artist, had picked up her paintbrush.
Hearing of her dilemma, a kindly neighbor suggested she might find comfort in prayer.
"Thanks," she replied. "But me and God haven't exactly been on speaking terms—just like me and Steve."
Liz recalled the day he left. Before he took off down the road, his tires squealing, the couple argued bitterly. He paused for a final dig.
"You won't be needing your wedding dress, will you? It's about Gloria's size and you'll never fit into it again."
"Get out!" Liz yelled. "I'll wash the car with that dress before I give it to you and that whore."
Mulling over these things while wandering deeper into the forest, Liz doesn't see the mother bear with cubs until it is too late.
When the bear charges, Liz runs in blind panic, falling and striking her head against the old wall, knocking herself unconscious. After a while, she becomes aware of her head throbbing and of being face down in the dirt, its grit in her mouth. At first, she lay still, playing dead in case the bear was nearby.
Hearing only the rustling wind and her heart pounding in her temples, Liz gathers the courage to look around. Relieved the bear is nowhere in sight, she struggles to her feet spewing dirt. Just then, she catches a glimpse of a shiny object wedged between two stones in the wall.
She reaches for the object and discovering it stuck, pulls it free. A tarnished silver locket is soon in her hand. But with her head oozing blood, she shoves the find into her jacket pocket and stumbles home, forgetting it.
Liz alerts best friend and neighbor, Rosa Ramirez, who rushes to her aid. The fiery young widow, with a beautiful smile and big heart, drives Liz to an urgent care center. After the wound is sutured and doctors determine there is no concussion, Liz is released into Rosa's care. They return to Liz's home, where Rosa nourishes her friend with homemade vegetable soup and ginger tea. Liz savors the flavors and fragrance.
Later, while tidying the house, Rosa picks up Liz's jacket and the locket tumbles out. The friends open it, lifting a cryptic love letter from its resting place.
Uncovering the secrets takes Liz and Rosa to a castle (the Castillo de San Marcos) and legendary Love Tree in the romantic city of St. Augustine, Florida.
More clues bring the friends to an elegant but abandoned Victorian home. In its dust, the locket's secrets begin to unfold, along with stirrings of romance with handsome Latino brothers, Carlos and Jack (Jacques) Martín.
Sparks fly between Liz and Carlos, a former presidential aide and international playboy, who has flown aboard Air Force One.
Jack, a rugged Army hero, roars into Rosa's life on a gleaming Harley Davidson motorcycle.
But can Liz, embittered by her husband's betrayal, trust Carlos when he says, "You're beautiful. I care for you and I think you care for me. Will you join me on a great adventure wherever that takes us?"
And can Rosa, still grieving her husband's untimely passing, climb behind Jack on his motorcycle and hold on tight for an adventure of their own?
Answers, even glimmers of faith, come on a snowy Christmas day in New York State, when a bone-chilling trek through the frigid forest leads to another surprise hidden in the old stone wall.

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  1. I like the red one with the hearts. Why? Because it's different! If seen side-by-side in a bookstore, my eyes would instantly be drawn to pick that one up first. I like 'different' :)

  2. Really, either one would work for me. They're both eye-catching.

  3. I like the blue cover. Looks mysterious and forboding.

  4. Mrs. Flora, I like the red and white cover with the hearts. It would catch my eye in a book store.
    - Rhiannon

  5. The blue cover reflects the 'revenge' part of the title better. The hearts may be more colorful, but are more whimsical and do not connect with the titile.

  6. Oh, and not to mention, the blue one is more intriguing!

  7. "Much thanks to everyone who participated in the cover comparison. I value your input and welcome more comments." - Flora Reigada

  8. I agree that the blue one fits the mood of the teaser and title. A peaceful setting waiting to be ripped apart by a bone-chilling surprise. More suspenseful and, yes, intriguing.

  9. The hearts convey your title, while the other is just a pretty winter scene, though the colors are attractive... However, I agree with one comnent that it looks whimsical. Maybe if one was shattered? The front blurb is too long and should be moved to the back cover. It needs to be a catchy phrase no more than six or seven words like...once betrayed, can she trust again?

  10. I like Julie Cosgrove's comments, I like the hearts and I agree that the front blurb would possibly be better on the back. Hey Julie, my friend, great minds in tune for our friend Flora. Sounds like a really good story, Flora! Joyce - Heart"wings"

  11. I like both, but the blue definitely goes more with the story.

  12. I have toi agree and say that the blue cover is more immersive and engaging on so many levels.

  13. I still like the blue cover. Cold, dark, intriguing.
    Suits the revenge in the title.