Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FIVE Questions with Kevin L. Stabinsky!!!!!!

Want to know me better?

While awaiting the rest of my novel to be published (check out the first part here: I was asked several questions to help you get to know me better. Here’s the first of five asked of me.

1) Do you have any pets? If so what?
I have one dog, Spartacus, a mixed breed Chihuahua. I also have several pets named Peeve. They include my roommate flushing the toilet when I’m in the shower, her leaving dirty dishes on top of the dishes I am cleaning by soaking in the basin, and Spartacus deciding to take over my pillow if I get up during the middle of the night and not wanting to give it back.

2) What is your favorite TV series and what character would you play in it?
Since I don’t have TV and am stuck with Netflix and Youtube, I don’t get to watch many shows. I do watch My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, and if I was a character in it, I would be the odd man out. Human guy in a predominantly female pony inhabited world? Yeah, I’d definitely be the odd guy.

3) If you could be a superhero what would your powers be and why?
Luck manipulation. Check out, a site dedicated to gamers using emulator tools to speedrun video games as fast as theoretically possible. The way many runners abuse luck to always enable the most favorable outcomes or manipulate events is awesome, especially when you see it being done in a game you are familiar with. To have that power in real life, I’d be getting thrown out of every casino .

4) What was your worst part-time/summer job experience?
Over one summer in college, I worked in a swimming pool manufacturing plant. The job ruined a lot of my clothes on some days (they would always be getting caught on the corners of the metal sheets that I’d be feeding into either a bending or pressing machine), on other days I would go home with sore arms from operating a pressing gun when working on pool radii, and I think I was the only non-criminal there. Since it was a season job, most workers were temps. I remember in the lunch room one day early in my stint being asked what my crime was. Since most folks were on prison release, I guess it was just assumed I was as well. To show how bad it was, after one shift on the radius table, my coworker went home and attempted suicide. It paid well though.

5) If you had to choose a “last meal”, what would it be?
Stevi B’s pickle pizza. It sounds gross but it rocks. Plus it is an easy recipe to make. Get a pizza. Put some dill pickle slices on it. Win.

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