Thursday, September 24, 2015

CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Questions to the upcoming Q and A sessions from the Helping Hands Press Author Community!

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the answers to questions we have posed to the authors in the Helping Hands Press Community here on the blog.

What are the questions we asked you may ask?

Here they are,if you have others that you would like answered please leave it in the comment section below this post or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar.

Thank you for supporting the authors and their work.

-What has inspired your writing?
-Do you have any pets? If so what?
-How did you get started as an author?
-What are your musical tastes? Do you write to music?
-Name your Top 5 Favorite Movies.
-What is your Favorite TV Series and what character would you play in it?
-What is your go to Social Media platform –Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Blog/Website-and why?
-What are your Top 5 Favorite Books and/or Characters?
-If you could be a Superhero what would your powers be and why?
-What was your worst part-time/summer job experience?
-What is your Favorite Season and why?
-If you had to choose a “Last Meal”, what would it be?
-Does your Faith influence your writing and if so in what way?


  1. Can't wait to read some of the answers from fellow authors at Helping Hands Press. Especially Anne Campbell Baxter!