Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Do you LOVE #Historical #Thriller #Fantasy ? Grab @murray_pura Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal : "The Name of The Hawk - Volume 1 - Legion"

The first story in Murray Pura's Historical Suspense Thriller Fantasy series "The Name of The Hawk - Volume 1 - Legion" is now an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Deal!

The are six stories in total in the series.

What have some readers said about "Legion":

"I love this author's writing. Even in a Novella he sucks me in and makes me feel a part of the book." - Terry, Ohio

"I love everything I have read of Murray Pura's and this is no different. It is a very different type of series I have ever read. The fight between good and evil, God and demons. I have already downloaded the entire series of 6 so far. I am going deeper into my walk with God due to all of his books. Thank you for that Mr Pura!!" - Book reader

"Murray Pura writes 'hanger' volumes that have you in the air waiting for what happens next. He's accomplished an excellent story here that addresses an unusual historic topic that shows us the foundations of our faith. No matter what life throws at us, that faith is unchangeable and effective for us today as it has been from the beginning. Join me in the adventures and the 'fun' of awaiting the 'rest of the story'." - JudyAnn Lorenz

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited link for the story is : https://www.amazon.com/Name-Hawk-1-Legion-ebook/dp/B00FAB6G66/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8#navbar

No one knows anything about him.
Not where he's from or who his mother and father are.
Not even the beautiful woman at his side, or the community of men and women and monks who have raised him from a child know his real name or what is in his heart and soul.
But one fateful day, when he cries out to God and God answers, the darkness sees Hawk for the first time.
And it sets out to destroy him before he rises up in the power of God and Christ to fulfill his destiny.

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