Thursday, July 28, 2016

Read the 1st Chapter of @murray_pura #Western #Suspense "Silver City - Volume 3 - Amarillo by Morning" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Murray Pura will be releasing the next story in his Western Suspense series "Silver City" on 8/11!

Below you will find the link to the first story in the series "This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away", the synopsis for Volume 3, and the first chapter of "Volume 3 - Amarillo by Morning".

If you do read the sample, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar of the blog and tell Murray what you think. He would love your feedback! Thank you!

The Amazon Kindle link to "V1- This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away" :

The good cops and federal agents are after them because they think they're enemies of the state. The bad cops and federal agents are after them because they think they know about the coup that is about to take over control of the government of the United States. And Ty Brewer and Grayden St. Cyr are on the run because they want to stay alive long enough to expose a conspiracy rooted in the West Wing of the White House. And what is that conspiracy? To make America great again by first of all burning her to the ground through hundreds of simultaneous terrorist strikes from coast to coast. But who will believe two rogue US Marshals who are considered traitors themselves? And how will they escape the dozens of hardcore assassins sent to track them down and kill them on foreign soil? They have always considered themselves lucky but this time their luck may be running out.

Volume 3

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Grayden slammed both feet on the brake pedal and the red Silverado lurched violently as its tires screamed and poured black smoke. The stink of burning rubber filled the cab as the pickup spun 180 degrees. He head-butted his brother and sent him crashing back into the passenger seat. “I’m driving!”
He hit the gas and the tires shrieked again, spinning and flaming. The truck shot back the way it had come.
The spot they had been headed towards vanished in a wall of fire.
Grayden yanked the truck to the right down an alley.
He stopped.
“What are you doing?” demanded Ty, scrubbing the place on his forehead where Grayden’s skull had made contact.
“Waiting for sirens.”
They both heard the roar of rotor blades at the same time.
“Ae you crazy?” yelled Ty. “Get out of here!”
“What? Out into the open? So we can make a nicer target? You had the same dumb idea when Old Man Reynolds was chasing us!”
“I didn’t know he was behind a tree!”
“Well, this time he’s behind a cloud!”
“Yeah and the cloud’s right on top of us!”
“He doesn’t know where we are! And he’s only got seconds left before everybody is taking pictures of a military chopper with their Androids and iPhones and Nikons! How are the governments of Canada and the US going to explain that? He’s got a window and his window is closing!”
The far end of the alley erupted in orange and black. The shock wave rocked the Silverado with a whump. A second blast cracked the windshield and hurled chunks of hot pavement against the hood and doors with a sound like machine gun bullets hitting home.
Ty grabbed for the wheel again. “He’s walking Hellfires towards us, hoping for a lucky strike! Back up now!”
The street and alley behind them flew apart and the back of the truck flipped up, hung suspended in the smoke and sparks, and crashed back down as the rear window shattered.
Grayden punched his brother in the face, knocking him back into his seat a second time. “That would’ve been a great play, hey, Zero?”
“You broke my nose!”
Heat engulfed the truck.
“Do you pray anymore?” snapped Grayden. “Ever?”
“What good does it do?”
“Most of the good you won’t know about until the fat lady sings and you’re one with infinity.”
“So maybe I’m praying now.”
“So then maybe pray for his window to close.”
“I am.”
Grayden gunned the engine. “Hang on! With cops and firefighters and EMTs racing in here that chopper is gone!”
“You hope!”
“You better hope too! I’m getting back on that highway before the police shut it down!”
Grayden hurled the truck through the black smoke and fires at the end of the alley and out onto a street beginning to fill with people who were shouting and pointing. He laid on the horn and swept past their curses and anger and fear. Two police cars had already parked sideways across the highway. He snapped through a barbed wire fence and drove across a field for half a mile before snapping through it again and bouncing onto the highway heading east. Ty squinted at the sky.
“He’s gone,” said Grayden.

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