Thursday, July 28, 2016

Coming Soon: @murray_pura #Western #Suspense #Thriller "Silver City - Volume 3 - Amarillo by Morning"

Murray Pura will be releasing the next story in his "Silver City" series "Amarillo by Morning" on 8/11.

Here is a peak at the cover and the synopsis for the story:

Grayden St. Cyr expected difficult assignments when he left the US Marshals Service to go free lance. He expected to be sent after the fugitives no other agency wanted to touch. What he didn't expect was to be sent after the man who had saved his life. And he didn't expect that high ups not only wanted the fugitive dead - they wanted Grayden St. Cyr dead too.

The good cops and federal agents are after them because they think they're enemies of the state. The bad cops and federal agents are after them because they think they know about the coup that is about to take over control of the government of the United States. And Ty Brewer and Grayden St. Cyr are on the run because they want to stay alive long enough to expose a conspiracy rooted in the West Wing of the White House. And what is that conspiracy? To make America great again by first of all burning her to the ground through hundreds of simultaneous terrorist strikes from coast to coast. But who will believe two rogue US Marshals who are considered traitors themselves? And how will they escape the dozens of hardcore assassins sent to track them down and kill them on foreign soil? They have always considered themselves lucky but this time their luck may be running out.

The Amazon Kindle link for the first story in the series, "This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away", is:

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