Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Being Prepared: Not Just for Boy Scouts Anymore - @Anne_Baxter_C

Confession time: For ten years, at least, I’ve been threatening to do this. I need a list of all my legalities and etc to have for my kids after I’m not around. I’m so great at procrastination, but it’s time!

Have you done this? You know, you don’t have to be a retiree or elderly to get going. Unless you’ve had your eyes and ears closed for the past umpty-ump years, you know even young people die or get incapacitating diseases or illnesses! How well could your friends and family cope with what needs to be done given the information they can dig out of your wallet―assuming, of course, they can find it?

I was given a great comprehensive list of information needed by others at the time I retired, but haven’t done anything with it. This is a nutshell version, but I’m sure you can expand on it. There are also multiple sources online with forms, I’m sure. Eldercare.com has a bunch of stuff.

Personal: Phone numbers and addresses of friends and family. Birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, and death info; Social Security numbers, passports, driver’s license, military records.

Medical: Phone numbers and addresses of primary care physician, dentist, pharmacists, hospital, medicare number, social workers or caseworkers.

Financial: Income sources, financial assets, cash, funds, retirement and pension plans, stocks and bonds, IRAs, life insurance.
Property and other assets: Addresses, deeds. Automobiles, collectibles, boats, household items, inheritances, hidden items, loans to family members and friends.

Liabilities: Utility companies, mortgages, IOUs, credit cards.

Insurances: Life, Health, Medigap-supplemental health, long-term care, dental, disability, homeowners, auto.

Legalities: Wills/trusts, power of attorneys, advance directives, guardianship (pets?).

Important contacts: Attorneys, insurance agents, financial advisors, bankers, clergy/rabbi/religious contacts, accountants, landlords, property managers

Other: Burial instructions, organ donor instructions, safe deposit boxes (plus location of keys), tax records.

Whew! If all that doesn’t make you feel like going to take a nap, nothing will. Blessings on your gatherings, and remember: if this is pretty overwhelming to you, just think what it would be if you left this behind for your kinfolk to wade through! Begin the journey….

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