Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Read the beginning of @TonyHilling #Biblical #Fantasy "The Voice of Aedistamen - Volume 7 - The Council of Twelve" RIGHT NOW!

Have you read any of the stories in Tony Hilling's "The Voice of Aedistamen" series?

Here is the beginning of "Volume 7 - The Council of Twelve" for you to try.

If you do give it a read please leave a comment for Tony below the post or use the "Contact Form" on the sidebar of the blog. Tony would love to hear from you! Thank you and ENJOY!

Master Banyonan, surely you cannot be referring to a certain general of the Davarenge Owa’en takes an important step in being restored to his people. He makes an appearance at the Council of The Twelve, the leading elders of his nation. But there are collaborators and conspirators at the heart of the Twelve, and he must tread carefully lest he be caught in the web spun by King Malengus.


An early spring snow was gently falling from an ivory sky, melting almost immediately as it landed, cautiously on the path leading to a rather long, low-roofed structure well concealed within the maze-like, wooded dales of the Ma’apone Hills. Within the structure, twelve men, mostly middle-aged, were seated around a rough table; others in the building were standing, serving or tending a smoky, peat fire.
At the head of the table sat a man of about seventy Seasons, his long grey hair resting on still strong shoulders. Within his wrinkled face twinkled eyes of piercing blue which moved to and fro, surveying calmly yet alertly his eleven companions. He appeared to nod slightly, then closed his eyes and said, “O ever-living and merciful Ghaedesh-Mor! We gather this eve in your name and ask that your precious Breath fill us and give us wisdom to lead your people. We ask for your presence among us as we make decisions for the future. May we follow your path and be faithful in these difficult Seasons. Let us worship you alone. And bring us to walk in new freedom before you. O let us see your deliverance in our lives before we leave Aedistamen.”
Avran Banyonan paused, ending the prayer and then opened his eyes once more. He smiled shortly but with genuine warmth and said, “Thank you my brothers for coming to this special meeting of our council. As you heard, I have prayed for wisdom from the Ghaedesh-Mor. But as Senior Elder of our people, I must also ask for your discernment in matters that are crucial for the continuance of our way of life and the governance of our people.” He looked up at his audience, sensing acceptance from most, hostility from a few, and intense anticipation from all. Then, weighing his words, he continued, “There has come among our people a young man, lately from the Davarenges who claims to be of the Bladow, whose presence may be crucial for our future. I have called you here to …entertain a motion from him to be restored to his people.”
“Who? What is his name?” asked one of the company named Bannikailo.

Banyonan was about to answer when a loud, forced chuckle exuded from Banophil, one of the younger members.
“Would you like to share with us, Master Banophil, the reason for your jollity?” asked military who pretends to have fallen out of favour with the king and seeks sanctuary among us?” answered Banophil.
Banyonan looked at him searchingly, and said, “You seem to be unusually well-informed, Master Banophil.”
“Not at all,” said the other. “It is the talk of the whole City. Rumours have been circulating since the Cold Cycles started.”
“Not in the circles with which I am familiar,” countered Banyonan.
Banophil aped a small, superior smile and said, “Then, Venerable Senior Elder, you should reappraise the circles that you move in…”
“It is well, that the younger member is…informed,” interrupted Bannikailo, an edge developing in his tone, “and moves easily among the Davarenge nobility assuming of course that he knows how to respect his Bladowrete elders.” He looked up at Banyonan then added, “But perhaps our learned Master Banophil would consider sharing with the Council the information that he has to which the rest of us are not privy.”

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