Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Release: Karen Kosman- "Summer in Sweetland- Volume 5 - Homecoming"

Homecoming, Volume 5 of the Summer in Sweetland series, is about faith, love, hope, tender romance, and trauma. Promises matter, trust matters, but what do you do when someone you love begins to distance themselves from you? You’ve been there when circumstance beyond control interrupt your hopes and dreams. The Goodmans raised Kim to walk in faith. Will that faith carry her through a time of trauma? For Kim Goodman, a young college student ready to graduate, too much is going on in her life. Her fiancĂ©, Mark, has been acting strange. An old boyfriend has reentered her life. She’s exhausted from the last minute push to study for finals and prepare for graduation, and she’s fighting a too-stubborn chest cold. Will she survive the turmoil that shows no sign of lessening? Turning to God in prayer, Kim waits for His guidance—and His answer could change everything.

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