Monday, July 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE! Best-Selling Western Author James J. Griffin: "Faith and The Law-Volume 2 - Ranger with a Collar"

They are twin brothers.
One's a lawman, a Texas Ranger, the other a Catholic priest.
When the lawman brother is severely wounded by one of the men he is after, his brother takes on his identity to bring the outlaw to justice.
“You want a stall for your horse, cowboy?” he asked.
“Sure do. Good grainin’, too,” Tad answered. “Plenty of hay and water. I’ll rub him down myself.”
“Two bits a night, and don’t worry about your bronc. He’ll get good treatment from me,” the hostler promised. “He’s a fine-lookin’ animal. Kind of reminds me of another pinto that was put up here a short while back. Come to think of it, you resemble that other horse’s rider, too. An awful lot, in fact. You ever been to Medina before?”
“Can’t say as I have,” Tad answered.
“Well, you sure look like that hombre,” the hostler said. He shook his head. “Guess it don’t matter. My name’s Howard… Howard Tharpe. I own this place.”
“Tad. Tad Jankowski.”
“Now I know you’re connected to that other hombre,” Tharpe said. “His name was Jankowski, too. Chaz Jankowski. You’ve gotta be related somehow.”
Tad grinned. “He’s my twin brother.”
“I knew it,” Tharpe said. “

While a native New Englander, James J. Griffin developed an interest in the frontier west, particularly the Texas Rangers, at an early age. He grew to be an avid student and amateur historian of the Rangers, and a collector of Ranger artifacts and memorabilia. His collection is now part of the permanent collections and on display at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco.
Jim's quest for authenticity in his writing has taken him to the famous old West towns of Pecos, Deadwood, Cheyenne, Tombstone, and numerous others. While Jim's stories are fiction, he strives to keep them as accurate as possible within the realm of fiction. To that end, his good friend, retired Texas Ranger Sergeant and Lecturer of Forensic Sciences at Baylor University, Jim Huggins, along with good friends Karl Rehn and Penny Riggs of KR Training in Manheim, Texas, help him with the technical and historic aspects of his books.
Jim is a lifelong and devoted horseman. His favorite breed is the American Paint Horse. He bought his first horse while a junior in college.

Jim is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University. He divides his time between Keene, New Hampshire and Branford, Connecticut when not traveling out West.

Jim is a member of Western Writers of America and Western Fictioneers.

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