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New Release: Marcia Lee Laycock - "The Ambassadors - Volume 4 - Pieces of a Bigger Plan"

The Ambassadors - Volume 4 - Pieces of a Bigger Plan

Age Level: 11 - 18 | Grade Level: 5 - 12

Gage takes Eghan, Adlair and Nara to safety in a cave where Nara is reunited with her old nurse, Dulah. Meanwhile Burke and Khalwyd arrive in the village and are told that Nara has returned but when Khalwyd is told that Eghan is dead, he roams the streets alone, in despair. Gage and Adlair leave the cave and tell Eghan to stay with the women but he disobeys and follows them. When he sees an Alingan soldier beating a child he intervenes and is taken to the whipping post. Khalwyd hears the whip and starts to turn away, but hears a voice calling his name, rushes to the square and rescues Eghan with Gage’s help. They escape and Gage takes Khalwyd back to the cave where they are reunited with Eghan and Adlair. They all begin to tell their separate stories, realizing that God has led them all to this place and time. But Duke Malnar is further enraged and commands his men to search house to house for the rebels and Princess Nara.

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Marcia is a pastor's wife, the mother of three grown daughters, a freelance writer and Christian speaker. She is a published author and editor, having written for Christian magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as home-town newspapers. Her short stories, articles and poetry have won awards in Canada and the U.S. and been broadcast on CBC radio. Her work also appears frequently on the world wide web.

Marcia is a frequent speaker for women's groups of all sizes and has often taught writing courses for the Alberta Adult Education Department, Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship, and The Word Guild (Write! Canada).

In 1996, Marcia and her family served with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea. While there she wrote for the Non-print Media Department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, producing radio and video scripts.
For six years Marcia held the communications portfolio for the Associated Gospel Churches in Western Canada, writing, editing and producing their quarterly newsletter. She is now serving on the executive of Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship ( She currently writes a weekly column, The Spur, which is published in Living Light News, (Edmonton), CrossWalk and The Country Sunrise News (Central Alberta). It also goes out to subscribed readers each week. To subscribe email vinemarc AT telus DOT net or visit her website at

Marcia's devotional book, The Spur of the Moment won an Award of Merit at Write!Canada in 2003, a second devotional, Focused Reflections, is now in print and she was the recipient of the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel One Smooth Stone which was released by Castle Quay Books in 2007. The Sequel, A Tumbled Stone, was also short-listed for an Award at Write!Canada. Marcia's work has just been short-listed in three categories in the current Word Awards.

Marcia and her family currently live in Central Alberta, Canada.

Of Herself, Marcia Says -
I was raised on an island in Lake Huron, ran away to Alaska and then the Yukon, had a "road to Mayo" conversion in 1982, leaped by faith into Briercrest Bible College with my husband in 1985 and landed in the "promised land" of central Alberta in 1988.

I've had the privilege of living a few miles south of the Arctic Circle (Dawson City Yukon) and a couple of degrees south of the equator (Papua New Guinea).
I suppose that's why my writing is steeped in the imagery of winter, with the odd palm tree thrown in.

For the past 20+ years I've been a pastor's wife, mother of three girls, caretaker of two dogs, two cats and sundry fish, and oh, yes, a freelance writer. The writing began in the attic of my parent's house where I wrote stories for my dolls. None of them complained, so I kept it up. The Lord has abundantly blessed, challenged, rebuked, healed and restored me through the process of writing and being involved with writers.

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