Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tony Hilling: New Release! Biblical Romance Suspense Fantasy "The Voice of Aedistamen - Volume 6 - Leila"

Tony Hilling has just released Volume 6 in his Biblical Romance Suspense Fantasy series "The Voice of Aedistamen".

You can read the first Chapter here on the HHP blog:

Here is the Amazon Kindle link for "Leila", the story synopsis and a little something about the author Tony Hilling:

“Now alone in the wilderness of the Ma’apone Hills, Owa’en endures a frightening isolation. However, just as he looks over the edge into the Darkness, a former acquaintance comes back into his life and rescues him from the Abyss.”

Tony (Anthony John) Hilling was born in Glasgow, Scotland of Scots/Irish parentage. He has spent time as a lawyer, priest, non-denominational pastor, and most recently as a writer. His first work, "The Voice of Aedistamen", tells the story of an enslaved people in a fantasy world who struggle for freedom. In their quest they rediscover an ancient faith in a forgotten God who calls forth a deliverer from among them. Tony is also working on another fantasy novel, "The Caves of the Kananaskis", and has written a biblical play called, "Imwas". He and his family now make their home in Western Canada.

Visit Tony's Amazon Author Page:

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