Thursday, June 23, 2016

Read the beginning of Patti J. Smith's "Precious Garden" RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Patti J. Smith will soon be releasing the first story in the Second Series of her "Grave Obsessions" series!

Below you will find the beginning the first story. If you and kind enough to take the time to read it please leave a comment for Patti and tell her what you think of it.

Here is the Amazon Kindle link to the very first story in the "Grave Obsessions" series "Chiseled Heart". It is a Kindle Unlimited title so please give it try:

The foundation and blush brought the waxen face to life. He tenderly clothed her as if dressing a newborn. Caressing her hair, he whispered, “You are so beautiful. I wish you could have stayed longer.”
Her dead weight was no challenge for someone with his physical strength. A body was nothing. While others used mechanical means clearing out land, he preferred to do it manually … a way to purge the demons.
Tears and sweat streamed down his dirt encrusted face only to be stopped by a heavy beard. His gloved hands gently smoothed rocky soil around the shrine. “I am so sorry, my precious.” Josiah Tillman cried. “I know you tried. It just wasn’t meant to be.” He reached for the flowers. “You deserve these.”
A shrill beep pulsed through the air, startling her out of a sound sleep. Detective Dallas Keegan groaned, rolled over and slapped the alarm clock. A year had passed since Adan Fredricks’ bloody rampage ended with a gunshot to his head. She witnessed the autopsy and burial, finalizing the chapter in her career that included the death of her long-time partner and introduction to a new one, Twyla Worley.
Fredricks had taken her on an emotional roller coaster, which forced her to finally reevaluate her life. She had lived in a cocoon for many years, allowing only a select few to get close. The loss of her partner not only created more isolation, but also wounded her faith. Spending time at a Catholic retreat in Connecticut proved fruitless in pulling herself together; Fredricks had followed her, wreaking havoc on the serene setting.
With the help of her priest, Father Jim, who agreed to be her spiritual advisor, she was able to let go of the past and focus on the future. She allowed herself to forge a close friendship with Twyla and her daughter, Emerson, and began to enjoy outings with them. She attended Mass regularly and instead of leaving the service right after communion, stayed and visited with Father Jim as well as fellow parishioners. The changes were just the ticket to piece together her shattered soul and give her something she hadn’t had in years …. Hope.
Dallas padded towards the kitchen, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Cup in hand, she inventoried her closet. Nothing casual today, darn it. Hate wearing court clothes. After settling on a navy skirt, jacket and pale pink blouse, she showered then got herself ready. She poured coffee in a travel mug and scrutinized her image in the full-length mirror before heading out the door.
Testifying was not an aspect of the job Dallas enjoyed. Defense attorneys do all they can to evoke an angry outburst or discredit the investigation in some way. This trial was no different and this particular defense attorney was one of the best. Avoiding all the baiting, Dallas stood firm in her testimony and wove the circumstantial evidence into a neat package that, as far as she was concerned, gave the jury no alternative but to convict Raymond Sallerno of murder. Stepping down from the witness box, she decided to join Twyla in the rear of the courtroom. She had been the prosecution’s last witness and if all went as planned, the defense would present its case after lunch.
Surprisingly, the defense rested at 4:00 calling only a few witnesses. Closing statements were scheduled for the following morning.

“Ladies and gentlemen this case is based entirely on circumstantial evidence and I have the utmost confidence you will do what is right and just. The police singled out my client the minute they saw him on that security video because he didn’t belong in that neighborhood and he’s been in trouble before. Yes, he was at the convenience store at the same time as Janice Crawford, but so were many others and I can’t refute the fact my client is far from a model citizen but is that proof he’s a killer? No.”
Michelle Corrigan paced back and forth in front of the jury box, making eye contact with each juror arguing against the State’s evidence. Returning to the defense table, she stood behind her client and placed her hands on his shoulders. “To be honest with you, ladies and gentlemen, I’m surprised this case even came to trial. You are intelligent and logical people and I know you see through the prosecution’s smoke and mirrors. Raymond Salerno is innocent and should be acquitted.”
Dallas and Twyla stood in the back of the courtroom as the jury returned. Dallas whispered, “Worley, I don’t have a good feeling about this.”
The court clerk cleared her throat. “We the jury in the above-entitled action, find the defendant not guilty.”
Gasps erupted from the gallery. Angry expletives exploded from the victim’s father as he escorted his stunned family through the double doors. Dallas and Twyla stared at each other in shock. Dallas turned and watched as Raymond Salerno hugged his attorney. “Chalk one up for the bad guys.”

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