Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LOOK OUT! The end is Near...for "The San Francisco Wedding Planner Series"

Look OUT!
The end is near for “The San Francisco Wedding Planner Series”
The last story, “Truth and Trust”, will be released during the Helping Hands Press “Thirsty Thursday” Party on 8/23.
Important questions will be answered:
-Will Raul be able to handle the office move without having a meltdown?
-Will Heather make a choice between the past and present to make her future?
-Will Sky have a wedding cake to make or just some organic cookies for her kids?
-Will Mario go berserk just because, well, because he is Mario?
-And what will become of Indigo, is the image clear or still blurry?
-will Gloria come back the same, worse or new and improved?

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