Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Overview of Who I am and my WORK- Larry Peterson

Since this is my first time posting on the HHP Blog I thought I would simply give you an overview of who I am and my work. I have one published novel, The Priest and The Peaches, a fictionalized account of the early years of me and my siblings. We had lost our folks and it was an interesting ‘ride” trying to keep the family together. The sequel , The Demons of Abadon, should be out sometime in the fall and that delves into the paranormal. I also have another book, “Horizon Homeless” which is in its final draft. This deals with a family who, through no fault of their own, find themselves on the road to “homelessness”. Lastly is my children’s book, Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes”, which deals with the differences among kids. I also have written over 500 blogs doing commentary on such topics as The Holocaust and Catholic/Christian persecution.

As far as my writing is concerned I just go at it. Writing a novel can be torturous. I have an idea and, for me, it is like I am back on the streets of NYC as a kid dodging in and out of traffic and never knowing what to expect but somehow miraculously surviving and making it back home. I don’t plot or synopsize or outline until “after the fact” because I don’t really know where I am going. But, bottom line, it is always a fun ride and I always seem to reach my destination albeit unexpected. I am what is known as a “pantster” (unorthodox) in my approach to writing fiction. I would definitely flunk a college course in “Intro to Novel Writing; 101”.

There is one facet of who I am that I do take very seriously and that is my faith. I am a “cradle Catholic”. As a Christian man I am appalled at how the narrative seems to have shifted where Christians are now being dubbed “intolerant, racist and homophobic” because we do not believe in certain secular ideas. The last I heard this is still the USA and you can believe what you want. The point is, I have found myself trying to post every day, at minimum, a quote from the Bible or a respected religious icon (Pope Francis, Billy Graham, Mother Teresa etc.) on Twitter and Facebook just to defend the faith I love. I also write commentary on some of these “hot button” topics. I’m just a little pebble on a very big beach but at least I can try to get into some folk’s sandals now and then.

Finally, as all of you have had, I too have had a share of “bumps in the road”, mostly cancer(s). My Mom died 55 years ago from leukemia. Back then you did not last long. She lasted four months. My first wife died of melanoma 12 years ago. My sister had lung cancer but is OK after having a lung removed. My second wife, (we are married eight years) came down with Lymphoma in 2011 and now she has Alzheimer’s Disease. I am her primary caregiver and every day is an adventure. Last but not least—I am a Prostate cancer survivor (had a radical prostatectomy eight years ago) and I also have lived with MS for 30 years. Bottom line –I am doing GREAT!!! Praise the Lord. Next week I will be 71. For me, it is my new 51.
Glad to be here.

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