Thursday, April 23, 2015

The REVIEWS are IN on Anne Baxter Campbell's "The Truth Trilogy"!

Anne Baxter Campbell is the author of a number of Christian stories.Her work spans the length of time-Historical and Contemporary.

One Theme though cuts through it all-Anne's HEART and deep love for GOD and the teachings of THE BIBLE.

Below you find a few of the incredible reviews she has gotten thus far.

If you interest is piqued after you have read the reviews and you have yet to read one of Anne's stories,please visit her Amazon Author Page to see all of her titles:

Five Star Review by D. Jones:
Well written. The an author has written a book that shows how people lived at the time of Christ. She weaves her fictional characters into the lives of the men and women found in the Bible. She leads the reader to the cross and the suffering of Jesus. I always wonder if it is right to add fiction to the inspired Word of God ;but, I also wonder how many people read Christian fiction and are encouraged to turn to the source of truth- The Bible.
People in our times, especially those who live in 'first world' countries such as the USA, often have little or no insight to the lives of people who lived in the era of the New Testament. The author explains how did the presence of Roman government influenced the Jewish people and Jewish leaders and led to the crucifixion of Jesus. She points out the fact that Jesus was loved and followed by many in the Jewish community, that He was recognized as the Messiah and that his death was caused not by the Jewish people but by a small group of Jewish leaders who feared for their elevated positions in the Jewish priesthood. The fictional characters are well defined and interesting. The reader will not know what the outcome of these characters will be unless the readers finish the book.

Five Star review by Delores Bublitz:
This was my first book by Anne Campbell. It was well blended as the stories moved through the lives and connections of relationships. The One True GOD revealed in and through lives and circumstances only He can be directing and protecting.

Five Star Review by embarnett:
Very well done! Made you feel as if you were there living the story along with them. Hated to see the novel end.

Five Star Review by Fay Lamb:
Anne Baxter Campbell has a knack for taking you back in time and bringing characters to life. Julius is a Roman soldier. He could most likely have any woman he wants, but he's fallen in love with a young Jewish maiden named Miriam.
Heroes often make sacrifices, and Julius is no exception. Through this man's sacrifice, he learns of a God who can move mountains, and more importantly circumstances.
You'll love this story. Anne's subtle humor, her way of weaving you into the time period, and her knowledge of the era will win your heart.


  1. I'm a big fan of Anne's as well. Not only do I love her writing, I love her, too. She's my sweet ACFW conference buddy.

    1. I wish I were there with you this weekend at ACFW, June. That's such a great conference!