Thursday, April 9, 2015

Please help Marta Burden pick out a cover for her soon to be released novel "West Line Encounter"!!!!!!!

Seth Haberman is your average guy––family man, marriage reconciliation counselor, Modern Orthodox Jew who follows Torah to the best of his ability. He loves his wife and his kids.
His little plot of land in rural Illinois is all he needs to fulfill his life’s dream of security and peace. Everything is good. And then he has a chance encounter with a stranger on the Chicago West Line Metra.
Seth’s life is about to change. He meets Joshua Josephson. It’s been a stressful day at work. His desire is to leave his job behind and relax with his family. However, he does something he’s never done before. He invites this stranger to dinner. And not only that, he allowes Joshua to stay for a week.

Seth is under deadline to finish the garage apartment for his sister-in-law and her soon to be husband. Joshua mentions that he’s done carpentry work. Seth asks Joshua to stay on and help him finish the project.
Throughout the week, Joshua challenges Seth’s faith and all he has known.
At weeks end, the apartment is finished, and Joshua must now return to his home. His work is complete. The children love him and want him to stay. Seth and Rivka have grown to care deeply for their new friend.
Who is this man?


  1. I like "C." It reminds me of Michelangelo's painting, "The Creation of Adam," on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It sounds like this depicts the message of the book.

  2. Definitely C. Two hands reaching toward each other best fits the question "Who is this man?" I'm guessing this is a modern day representation of Jesus since Joshua is the Hebrew for Jesus.

  3. C. It fits the religious theme, and it's eyecatching.

  4. Love C. It speaks to me....the mystery of the hand.

  5. I like A. It's mysterious.