Thursday, April 2, 2015

Listen to the FREE sample of Sue Badeau's latest audio book "Never To Old" right NOW!

Sue Badeau has a new audio book that will be released next week, 4/9, during our next Thirsty Thursday Party.

Listen in on the audio sample right now!

Just click on the and download it for free!

"Never To Old"
Celia and Homer Evers have their hands full with six adoptive children of their own, one of whom is in Juvie accused of two crimes. Still, their hearts go out to teenagers in a group home who would love to have forever families and to the other teens incarcerated at Juvie—along with the Juvie teens’ parents. Will the Evers’ desire to help and their faith be enough to surmount the hurdles to helping?

The link for the free sample is: Listen to the FREE sample of Sue Badeau'@SueBadeau latest #audiobook "Never To Old" right NOW! #Adoption #FosterCare

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  1. Congratulations, my sister on yet another accomplishment!