Thursday, January 29, 2015

Read the beginning of James J. Griffin's new story "Faith & The Law-Volume 5-Rich Man,Richer Man"!

Best-Selling Western author James J. Griffin will be releasing "Faith & The Law -Volume 5 - Rich Man,Richer Man" next week,Feb.5th, during our next "Thirsty Thursday" Facebook Party.

Below you will find the beginning of the story to preview.

Please,tell us what you think of it!

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Without further ado,here is the beginning of the story:

Tad was growing more and more anxious with each passing day. He was still following Sergeant Hopkins’ advice, and was pretending to be far sicker than he actually was. However, he was certain Doctor Morton was beginning to see through his pretense. In addition, the days he had left on his sabbatical were rapidly growing short. It wouldn’t be long before he had to return to his priestly duties, or explain to the Bishop why he had, in effect, abandoned his parish, and his calling.
Most frustrating, however, was the condition of Thomas Rafferty. Rafferty had slipped back into a coma shortly after telling Tad he was willing to testify against his employers, the same men who had tried to eliminate him permanently, not once, but twice. Even more vexing, Rafferty had lost consciousness before he could divulge the location of the hidden key to his safe deposit box at the Austin National Savings and Loan. Apparently, that box held enough evidence to put the men responsible for so much death and destruction, including the ambush attack on Chaz, Tad’s Texas Ranger twin brother. Without Rafferty’s permission, Sergeant Hopkins told Tad he couldn’t possibly search his house for the key. All they could do was wait, until Rafferty was awake again. While Doctor Morton assured Tad that Rafferty was indeed on the road to recovery, and would awaken any time now, the injured man still showed no sign of regaining consciousness.
Tad had eaten breakfast, said his morning office, and had taken a nap. He had been received permission from Doctor Morton to sit outside for a short time. The doctor had been persuaded by Tad that fresh air and sunshine would be the best medicine for him at this time.
Tad was at the wash stand, cleaning up before he changed into clean clothes. He glanced at his image in the mirror and laughed. His parishioners knew him only as a mild-mannered priest, always ready to smile, and quick with a joke. If they ever saw him like he was now, shirtless, they would be confounded by the numerous bullet and knife scars his upper torso bore. Once they got over their shock, they would probably want him defrocked. Explaining away how he got those scars would be difficult, indeed. And, unfortunately, even among people of the Church, there were always a few who would never believe he had fully changed his ways, understand he had left his previous life as a cowboy, lawman, and fast gun behind, in order to serve God. If some of those people discovered he had taken lives with his six-gun, they would never be able to forgive him. Better his secret remained a secret.

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