Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get ready for Joseph Max Lewis "Surprise Announcement"!

"Friends, I’m postponing this week’s Blog on Dogs in favor of a surprise announcement. It sure was a surprise to me.

The Diaries of Pontius Pilate might become a tv/movie!

This morning I checked my fellowshipessentials email box and found a note from an individual representing an organization that will remain nameless for now, asking to be put in touch with my Agent and saying, in part:

"I am trying to track down the film/TV rights to your book, THE DIARIES OF PONTIUS PILATE . . . who handles the film/TV rights on your behalf? . . . one of our clients was interested in THE DIARIES OF PONTIUS PILATE. I can be reached at . . ."

Giant of faith that I am, of course I thought it might be a joke, so I checked it out and it sure does look legit. Its in the hands of my Agent now, so . . . while their people talk to my people . . . kidding!"

Thanks, Max

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