Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coming Soon: Anne Baxter Campbell's "Once Upon...Volume 8 - A Bad Valentine"

When she gets a homemade valentine with a malicious verse and white powder inside, Jillian wonders who could have it in for her. When the white stuff turns out to be powdered sugar, police think maybe it’s just some joke. But then three of her friends also receive similar cards.
The police say even if it’s just a joke, the sender needs to come to realize this is not something they take lightly. Whoever it is will receive a smart slap on the wrist, at a minimum.
Then they put a former boyfriend of one of them in juvie and consider the case solved. Except the valentines keep coming, the verses keep getting worse, and the powder is no longer innocuous.
This is getting serious.

Anne Baxter Campbell is a writer with a mission: to provide entertainment while walking readers closer to the Lord who loves them beyond belief..

Look for this title to be released 1/29 as part of our "Thirsty Thursday" Party!!!!!

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