Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What do you think of Flora Reigada's cover for "Love's Sweetest Revenge"?

What do you think of the full jacket cover for Flora Reigada's paperback "Love's Sweetest Revenge"?

The paperback and ebook will be released on Feb.3rd.

Here is more on the story and a little bit about Flora:

We never know when a minor change in our daily routine will alter the course of our lives. Thirty-something Liz Bertelli had other things on her mind that fateful day she ventured from her usual walking path into New York State's lush forest. Her husband had left for a plaything in her twenties and it had been far too long since the award-winning artist had picked up a paintbrush.
Liz doesn't see the mother bear with cubs until it is too late. When the bear charges, she runs in blind panic, falling and striking her head against an old stone wall, knocking herself unconscious.
Bruised, but relieved to awaken in this world with the bear gone, Liz spots something glittering in the wall. She tugs at it, releasing an old silver locket and the saga of forbidden love it contains.
Uncovering the locket's secrets takes Liz and best friend Rosa Ramirez (a young widow) to a castle (the Castillo de San Marcos) in the romantic city of St. Augustine, Florida.
More clues bring the friends to handsome Latino brothers, Carlos and Jack Martín.
Sparks fly between Liz and Carlos, who has worked for the President and flown aboard Air Force One. Jack, a rugged Army hero, roars into Rosa's life on a gleaming Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But can Liz, embittered by her husband's betrayal, and Rosa grieving her husband's untimely passing, respond to love's overtures?
Answers come on a snowy Christmas day, when an arduous trek through the frigid forest, leads to another surprise.

Flora Reigada is an award-winning journalist and novelist. She and husband, Dan, have been a
reporter/photographer team for several newspapers, including the Florida Today and currently,
Senior Life of Brevard County, Florida. Interesting places they have explored in pursuit of a story include a castle, the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida. They also toured Titusville, Florida's historic, Vassar B. Carlton Courthouse, climbing a hidden stairway, to a long-forgotten jail.
Flora has also written for Guideposts magazine, Decision magazine, the Upper Room daily devotional and more. She and Dan are proud parents and grandparents. The couple has traveled throughout the beautiful British Isles and visited Spain, where they stayed in a castle overlooking the ocean.



  1. The cover has piqued my interest in reading the book and unearthing what the story behind the hidden locket contains. I have read Flora's work Where Your Heart Meets God and loved it. Really opened my eyes as to what God says to us on a day to day basis. If we would only listen. So inspiring!

    1. Thanks so much. I also love the cover Helping Hands Press put together for "Love's Sweetest Revenge." It reminds me of Narnia in C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia.