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Character Interview with Father John Tierney: (sometime during the late summer of 1966) By Larry Peterson

Father John Tierney is a character in Larry Petterson's YA Fantasy series "The Demons of Abadon".

We hope that you enjoy the interview.

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LP: “Good to have you here, Father. Your priestly journey has somehow arrived at your being appointed one of the Catholic Church’s sanctioned exorcists. So, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure exactly where to begin. This position, from what I understand, is not held by many priests. Is that true?”
FJ: Yes, Larry. That is true. I don’t know exactly how many sanctioned exorcists there are in the church but there are not many. You might count them all on your fingers. But, FYI, all those who are ordained a bishop automatically become exorcists too. The reason for that is any reports of demonic possession or vexation must be approved by the local bishop.”

LP: “I never knew that, Father. Very interesting. So, maybe you can tell us about your background?”
FJ: “Sure. I grew up on the west side of Manhattan. Many of the old-timers still call it “Hell’s Kitchen”. It was definitely a tough area. Anyway, I felt the calling to ministry and, to make a long story short, I entered the Redemptorists. We are a missionary order founded by St. Alphonsus Liguori and our goal is to help bring Jesus Christ to the poor and indigent . There is a lot more to it but this may not be the time or place. What do you think?”

LP: “Yes, you are right. So, let’s get to it. How did you become involved with the Rite of Exorcism?”
FJ: Well, about eight or nine years ago I was working in a parish in Naples and a parishioner came to me one morning all upset about their neighbor who had changed from a kind, decent man into a strange, almost insane person. I asked if he had been seen by doctors and other mental health professionals and he said that he had. I did not know what to do so I asked the pastor, Father Gabriel, what I should do. He gave me a number to a priest he knew and told me to call him. That is how I met Father Andrew Melancourt. We became fast friends and he also became my mentor. He was in his 70’s and had been doing exorcisms for decades. He took me with him to see the man in question and, from that point forward, I was his assistant whenever one was needed. Sadly, Father Melancourt passed away suddenly this past June. “

LP: “That must have been hard for you?”
FJ: “Yes, Larry, it was. Very hard. I truly loved that man. Kind and wise, he was a rare breed.”

LP: “So you took his place as an exorcist?”
FJ: “Little did I know that he had recommended me to the Vatican and they had forwarded their recommendation to Bishop Peter Foley in Manhattan. He appointed me an officially sanctioned Church exorcist early last July.”

LP: “And I understand there was quite the challenge you were forced to confront up in the Abadon Forest immediately after your appointment? Is that correct?”
FJ: “Actually, Larry, that is correct.”

LP: “Well, can you tell us about that?”
FJ: “Larry, I appreciate you taking the time to interview me. I have enjoyed our time together. However, I cannot discuss anything about the Abadon Incidents until all the reports are finalized, approved and sent on to Rome. That is just the way it has to be.”

LP: “Can’t you even give us a glimpse into the Abadon Forest possession?”
FJ: No, I cannot, but I will say this. The devil is alive and well and wreaking more and more havoc around the world. However, it is important to remember that his greatest weapon is deception; the subtle thoughts and things that enter our daily lives that might turn us from God. We have to be ever vigilant because he and his hate-filled minions are after all the souls they can get. And their work is becoming more and more successful as we move toward the 1970s.”

LP: “Well Father , thank you for your time and for a peek into the world of the Catholic exorcist. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been listening to Father John Tierney, an official exorcist of the Catholic Church.

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