Saturday, October 3, 2015

The "Pen and Prayer Writing Ministry" - Flora Reigada

Welcoming smiles and tasty cookies greeted members of the newly formed Pen and Prayer Writing Ministry at Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida.
As we sat around a table, our group leader, Sonia Banks asked us to introduce ourselves and answer the following: "What do you write and what is your motivating passion?"
Our members responded:
Sonia Banks: The two loves of Sonia's life are Christ and writing. She writes for new believers. "So, you're a Christian? Now what?" Another work views the Garden of Eden from Eve's perspective. What was it like to be her? Through her gift, Sonia wants to shine the spotlight on her Lord.

Stephanie Booth: The Women's Ministry Director at Merritt Assembly in Merritt Island, Florida, Stephanie wants to see women rise up to be all God calls them to be. She is writing a resource book for women ministry leaders. Find out more on Stephanie's blog:

Rhiannon Haga: Believing God accepts us right where we are, Rhiannon endeavors to help others accept themselves, understand their purpose, and grow in their self-discovery.
Martha Larchar: Martha has written children's picture books and magazine articles. Her motivating passion is a love of great literature, in which well-chosen words breathe life into a character or description. By emulating such writings, she desires to convey God's truth.

Donna Long: Inspired by her grandchildren's excitement over her bedtime stories, Donna wants to write stories of purpose for children who are hurting. Her story about a cricket that could not chirp, but found a new way and a new sound, caused a grandson to proclaim, "Nana! That is so good!"

Flora Reigada: Through the "Where Your Heart Meets God's" devotional books and "Castle in the Sun" romance series she authors for Helping Hands Press, Flora seeks to reassure each woman God is whispering her name and that broken hearts can again, love and be loved.
Wanda Rogers: A nurse and nurturer, Wanda writes skits, devotions and children's books. She strives to influence her family, her prayer group and encourage young wives and mothers.

Triana Troili: Writing and "practicing" comedy, Triana says, "Some of the experiences I have had are so humorous they don't seem real." She enjoys "testing" her comedy on the public, such as a supermarket cashier who needed some cheering.
Sonia's questions apply to us all. What do you write, paint, teach, build or create—and what is your motivating passion?

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