Thursday, July 30, 2015

Please Say “Hello” to my new “companion”, "The Demons of Abadon" - Larry Peterson

Please Say “Hello” to my new “companion”, The Demons of Abadon. Yes sirree, my new novel is slowly being born and it is an anxious time waiting to see if, upon full arrival, he will be welcomed or not. If you are a writer or author you know from whence I come.

We expend a lot of mental sweat and endure sleepless nights; enhance our crows-feet because of ever squinting keyboard eyes and travel onward and forward oftentimes lost and unsure of which way to turn next. We finish our epic journey and then we dare to do what must be done. Expose ourselves through this creation to the world. Will it be acceptance or rejection?

I know that since I am just one of maybe millions who take fingers to keyboard (it used to be, ‘pen to paper’) I am simply jumping into the deep water with the hopes of staying afloat. I will be surrounded by Naysayer Sharks which have the primordial goal of gobbling me up along with so many others. If I can survive the Naysayers with their never ending appetite I know anything is possible. There is one worse fate: being totally ignored. UGH!!! That REALLY hurts.

Since this is being introduced in a ‘series’ (Volume) format, the complete book launch will take place over several months. The book is a sequel to my first novel, “The Priest and The Peaches”, which was based on a true story about five newly orphaned kids who, against all odds, are trying to stay together as a family. Their primary ally is their parish priest. The five kids are based on me and my siblings but the story has been fictionalized.

A melancholy sense of irony has popped into my world as I proceed with the book. Two of the primary characters in The Demons of Abadon, are based on my youngest brothers, Bobby and Johnny. Bobby passed away in 2007 and the ‘baby’ of the family, Johnny, passed away quite unexpectedly on July 13 (last week). The irony is, of course, that both of them are central to the novel and both of them now being gone is something I never expected. They are both in the first book but they will live on in the new book which, even if it never sells a kazillion copies, will be available for a long time to come.

So, my friends, if you do not mind, I ask you to take a look at this novel. It is about a fierce and relentless battle between Good & Evil and Life & Death. You might leave comments at some of the following places.

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