Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coming Soon: A Multi-Author,Multi-Genre Ebook Bundle that is sure to DELIGHT!

During July 23rd's "Thirsty Thursday" Party there will be a wide variety of Mutli-Author,Multi-Genre ebook bundles released!

The first ebook bundle we are previewing contains Suspense,Amish Romance,YA Fantasy,Historical,and Paranormal.

Below you will find the story synopsis of all five.

Are you wondering what the price may be? You will be able to get all five of these stories for $2.99!

150 years ago the history of America changed forever. Live 1863 through the stories of some of our finest writers – the passion, the romance, the tragedy, and the triumph.

The plantations. The Underground Railroad. Chancellorsville. Vicksburg. Gettysburg. Little Round Top. Chickamauga. Chattanooga. Missionary Ridge. The soldiers in the field. The families at home. The nurses in the hospitals. The speeches at Richmond and Washington. The prayers in churches North and South. It’s all here in one of the most dramatic series ever produced.Join us for one of the most exciting events in American inspirational publishing – Helping Hands Press presents CRY OF FREEDOM!

Charity Davis has not seen her husband Mitchell since he enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861. But war comes to northwestern Georgia in September 1863 at a place called Chickamauga Creek and her husband's regiment has to march past the farm on its way to the battlefield. A bullet wound from a sniper brings Mitchell to his own farmhouse to seek help and to recover. Unexpectedly, Charity and Mitchell have the gift of a day together, a day when the war is far away, when the sun is golden, and when they are like bride and bridegroom again on the farm they first came to twenty years before.

Johnny plans the perfect heist; can the return of a lost love on the night before the heist save him and his partner Marv from making the biggest mistake of their life? Big Rev is the preacher at a local church; he has a gift from God that others don’t always perceive as a gift. Scott Black is a recently separated rookie cop hoping to patch up his troubled home life and tries to make sense of his estranged wife and his new life as a cop. Kyle just recently started driving an armored truck and has no idea his partners are planning a heist and do not intend on leaving witnesses, and Juan Perez is the leader of an Hispanic gang with a new gang member and a plan of his own. Their lives will all cross in this inspiring story filled with love, greed, revenge and redemption.

Johnny thinks he has the perfect plan to pull a heist on the armored truck he rides in and his partner Marv is in on it. The night before the heist an old girlfriend shows up in Johnny’s life and now he’s having second thoughts. Johnny is also worried about the driver, the plan calls for the driver to be killed, but can he really go through with it? With a group of Hispanic gang bangers watching, a larger than life preacher and a rookie cop all thrown in the mix, get ready for Armored Redemption, The Plan.

When Keeva and Maeve, two angel sisters trying to earn their wings, are sent on their first mission, they meet a pair of sassy elderly twins, Lucille and Martha, who live across from them. Trouble begins when one of the angel sisters sets her sights on the handsome grandson of the elderly duo, Chef Nick Barber. On the most important day of the chef’s life, angel sister Maeve decides to wreak havoc in his restaurant. Sweet sister, Keeva, does her best to clean up her sister’s chaos, but can she do it in time to save the reputation of the renowned TV chef? And, will she be able to save the sassy elderly twins from possible death? It will take more than angel power to unite these four sisters in harmony and to keep them all alive.

Mark Miller, author of the fantasy-adventure series The Empyrical Tales, joins Giovanni Gelati.The G-Man faces his biggest challenge yet: to make his wife happy!
This family-friendly adventure takes the reader from an abandoned storefront in Trenton to a whole new world. Giovanni is in search of the perfect gift for an anniversary present and he may have found it. The strange man at the shop gives Giovanni a scroll and in the process makes him the Prince of Trenton. It is up to Giovanni to deliver the scroll to Mrs. Gelati and find out what awaits them when they untie the mysterious red ribbon. Miller seamlessly weaves his fantasy world with Gelati’s bold humor, making this a fast, fun adventure for all ages.

Jonathon was raised on a small, poor patch of hardscrabble at the edge of the Amish community. His was the last house before the double overhead power lines quit, just stopped, ending at the creosote pole, like long, skinny fingers pointing towards the Amish.

The dilapidated dwelling seemed perpetually in danger of falling down. The paint on the siding was long since gone, the bare wood turning dark gray, like a land-based shipwreck. The rocky ground hadn’t seen grass since his mother left when he was five. The run-down homestead was a stark contrast to the neat, fresh, well-kempt grounds and white, always white, houses, of his simple Amish neighbors a mile down the gravel road.

Get ready, for this is unlike any other Amish Romance you have ever read,get ready for Roger Rheinheimer's "Amish Snow"!

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