Wednesday, July 15, 2015

James J. Griffin thinks it's the "Perfect Time of YEAR to write or read" DO U AGREE?

It's mid-July, and the weather in most of the country, and even in our neighbor to the north, Canada, is hot, humid, and sweltering. It's the perfect time to write, or read. Nothing heavy, nothing that requires a lot of thinking, just some good escapism, an easy read to while away a couple of hours at the beach, in the mountains, alongside the lake or pool, or during the inevitable rainy day on your vacation.

Just about any genre will do, as long as the story takes the reader away from their present world and into the world of your story. Romance, westerns, fantasy, mystery science fiction... you name it, if it helps the reader enjoy a few hours of relaxation, it's the perfect summer book.

James J. Griffin, while a native New Englander, has been a student of the frontier West from a very young age. He has travelled extensively throughout the western United States, and has visited many of the famous Western frontier towns, such as Tombstone, Pecos, Deadwood, Cheyenne, and numerous others.
Jim has also been an avid horseman all of his life. He bought his first horse, a pinto, while he was a junior in college, and has owned several American Paint Horses, including his current mount, Yankee. He is a member of the Connecticut Horse Council Volunteer Horse Patrol, an organization which assists the state park rangers with patrolling the state parks and forests.
Jim's books are traditional Westerns in the best sense of the term, with strong heroes who have good moral values. Highly reminiscient of the pulp westerns of yesterday, the heroes and villians are clearly separated with few shades of gray. No anti-heroes to be found here.

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  1. Perfect time of year to relax and read a book. I have read many of Jim Griffins books. Very exciting adventures with the Texas Rangers and more.