Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grab the FREE audiobook sample of William Tasch's "Backslide" right NOW!

William Tasch's "Backslide" is being made into an audiobook! It will be available next week,June 4th,during our next Thirsty Thusrday Party.

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Here is what "Backslide" is all about and a little bit about William Tasch:

Paul Compton was a star quarterback on the football team in his high school. His family had money until his father lost everything. Paul is reduced from being the good looking kid who had the friends, money and girls to taking a job at a local burger joint. It’s there Paul is introduced to the charismatic Cole Jeffries who always has a smile on his face and is constantly talking about salvation. Paul soon comes to salvation along with his once very vain sister.
Several years later, Paul finds himself married with two kids and his longtime friend Cole is now married to his sister and is a televangelist. Paul finds himself weighted down by the stress of balancing work, marriage, kids, church, money and life in general. On a business trip he makes a mistake that spirals him out of control. He is overcome with regret and eventually finds himself out of a family, drinking heavily and sinking farther down than he’s ever been.

William Tasch (1962-present) was raised in a small town in Wisconsin and was the youngest of five children. After graduating high school and working for a while, he joined the army and his world travels began. He also married his wife Deena and raised a family of three kids while traveling around the world. He finally settled down in Southern California where he works in law enforcement and enjoys writing in his spare time. He enjoys writing Christian fiction with everything a good book should have, suspense, love, action, twists, humor and a positive message.

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