Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coming Soon: Mark Venturini "Whispers From Forbidden Earth-Blood Tithe-V2-Nightmares in The Dark"

A boy and an elf have been chosen: one for the Blood Tithe, the other for the Binding Ceremony. Two children chosen on two worlds. For Jason Snider, the Tithe means nothing short of forfeiting his life for the faeries of the Winter Court. For the elf Strum, the Binding means joining his mind and soul to a mad, tormented mage.

So Jason and Strum are running for their lives, one on Earth, the other on Eversong. The chosen have become the hunted.

Now, even more than their own lives are at stake. Jason and Strum must both decide to confront their pursuers in order to save their fathers.

Hi, I'm Mark Venturini, author of fantastical story for both children and adults. Will you join me as we journey through the Place between Places, that magical place between here and there? Perhaps you've seen a few of my shorter stories or flash fiction pieces over the years. I live in Southwestern PA, where I am happiest taking long walks with my wife, Kathy, and our dog, Bella. I love kayaking and backpacking through the back-country with close friends . . . and of course reading fantasy.

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