Thursday, March 12, 2015

Will darkness engulf them all? Find out very soon in Marcia Lee Laycock's "The Snare is Set"

With the arrival of Eghan’s Uncle Adlair, Malora makes plans to set her trap for the prince. Ulhrik tells Adlair that the prophesy is unfolding quickly but assures him that Eghan will survive and Khalwyd and Adlair try to warn the king as Malora’s father arrives with a large contingent of soldiers.

When Malora succeeds in trapping Eghan into marriage the prince at last sees her duplicity and turns against her. When she reveals that her father was in league with Duke Malnar, the man who had tried to kill Nara, Eghan's feelings for the Alingan queen become apparent. He tries to warn his father, but King Gherin falls under the influence of Malora’s father and will not listen to reason.

Eghan is left feeling helpless and alone, Malora’s spiteful words ringing in his ears: “Fool! You will lose this time, Eghan Lhin. You will lose everything!”

Meanwhile Nara hears of Eghan’s marriage and has a premonition of evil but her advisors encourage her to accept an invitation to the court of a powerful neighbor.

Webs of deceit are woven. Will darkness engulf them all?

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