Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coming Soon - Anne Baxter Campbell's "Once Upon...V8 - A Resurrection"

They had been warned to stay away from the Valentine’s Dance, but Jillian Mullens and her date go anyway. A shot rang out, and Jillian realizes her boyfriend, Aiden Barstow, has been hit.
How is Jillian going to explain to her Dad and Aiden’s mother why they went to the dance when they knew someone had made threats against them—especially after she promised they wouldn’t go there?
It gets worse. After they get to the hospital, another friend is brought in with severe burns from a meth explosion. Greg has no desire to live with the mess he’s made of his life and the scars that make him want to hide from mirrors.
Will the two boys live through their deadly injuries? Or even want to? How can God bring anything good out of this mess?

Anne Baxter Campbell is an author with one goal in mind—to lead readers one step closer to God. This final volume in the Once Upon series may make that a giant step forward!
Anne and her husband Jack live in north central California with one small brown dog and one tall black cat.

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