Thursday, March 19, 2015

James J. Griffin has Summer reading on his mind!

After a long, cold, snowy winter, summer is coming. Many people think summer is not the
time for reading. However, think again. Summer is the perfect time to buy a new book
(or several) to enjoy. Think about those days on the beach, relaxing under your umbrella
with a book to help you escape. Or those inevitable rainy days on your vacation. A book
can help turn those from blah to exciting. Even those hot, hazy, humid days, when just
moving is almost too much effort, and you're trapped indoors, with or without air
conditioning. All you have to do when reading is use a finger to turn the page or
slide the text. And a book can be the perfect finish to an active summer day. So, don't
give up reading just because it's summer. Books are the perfect gift, year round.

Oops, almost forgot!

Audio books are a great gift at any time also!!!!!!!!

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