Monday, March 10, 2014

"Protecting Zoe" by Mishael Austin Witty, Volume 11 in best-selling author Kathi Macias' "!2 Days of Christmas" series

Seventeen-year-old Noelle is unmarried and pregnant, and her Christian parents are pressuring her to get an abortion so they can save face within their church community. Tortured by the heartbreaking decision she's facing, Noelle finds it difficult to concentrate when she goes to her part-time barista job two days before Christmas. Her manager Carla notices, discovers the problem, and offers just the solution Noelle needs. Now all they have to do is convince Noelle’s parents to go along with it. The Amazon Kindle link for the story is: Mishael Austin Witty is a professional editor and the internationally bestselling author of SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME, a Christian thriller/suspense novel, and BELIEVE IN ME, a sweet contemporary romance novella. She is also the author of a zombie fairy tale, CAMPANULA (a zombified retelling of Rapunzel, complete with zombies, angels, and everlasting love) and THE FALLING SUN (Sunset’s Hope, Book One), a full-length historical novel set during the American Civil War period. All are currently available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook versions. Ms. Witty’s love of books began when she was very young. She wrote her first story at the age of four and (almost) never looked back. She took a brief break from writing fiction to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology before realizing that her first love, literature, was also her strongest. So she succumbed to the pull of her attraction to the written word and became an editor. A few years later, she wrote, and self-published, her first book, SHADOWS OF THINGS TO COME (2006). In addition to her books, which are all self-published (to date), Ms. Witty has written several highly acclaimed flash fiction works that can be found on sites such as Faithwriters, The Iron Writer, and Colors of My Soul. One of her stories, “Today You Will Be With Me”, won an Editor’s Choice Award and appeared in the Faithwriters anthology, A Year of Celebration (2005). She lives in Louisville, KY, with her husband, two daughters, and two feline fur babies. You can connect with her online via Facebook, Twitter (@woweditor12), or either of her websites: and

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