Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anne Baxter Campbell has released "Marcus Varitor, Centurion"!

Marcus, son of Senator Decimus Varitor, is a decanus in the Roman cohort in Jerusalem. His tribune hints at a promotion to centurion if Marcus can bring in Barabbas. There are really only two things Marcus really wants—to be a centurion and to win the love of an Egyptian girl. When Meskhanet is sent to Rome on a slave ship and Marcus is captured by the very brigand he’s supposed to apprehend, those hopes may both evaporate faster than a small puddle under the hot desert sun. “Anne Baxter Campbell has created the perfect hero—with his flaws and all. She has created the perfect heroine—one who doesn’t want to fall in love. She has created the perfect story—one filled with conflict that will keep you turning the pages. A masterful portrait of the First Century painted with both history and romance.” Fay Lamb “Author Anne Baxter Campbell has done it again, releasing yet another page-turning thriller, laced with romance and tension. Don’t miss it!” ***Kathi Macias ( is the author of more than 40 books. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Al. Anne Baxter Campbell is a pretty typical wife, mom, and grandma with a passion for inspiring people to take one step closer to God. Anne and her husband live in Northern California with one large cat and one small dog. The Amazon Kindle link for “Marcus Varitor, Centurion” is:

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