Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mark Venturini has released "Darker Passages"!

For some, it's impossible to let go. In this collection of short stories: The Passing of Things I sense the tiniest pang on the edge of Mica’s thoughts. He is thinking of his sleeping chamber in Haven-Rest. Sparse though it was, it was home and it was warm. Here, high in the Crescendo Mountains in late autumn, there is only the cold and wind. If Only to Say Goodbye People had warned Rick about the man and his strange ways, but he couldn’t be dissuaded. He had to find the man who could send him back in time. Away We were walking away when he read my mind. “You want to go back?” he said. He was leading the way, nearly a giant walking beside me, radiant beyond words. We stopped as snow started falling lightly through the night sky. Streetlights illuminated the dancing flakes. The sight was odd and strangely exciting. Snow. “It’s New Year’s Eve,” the angel said. Severed Roots He had started back toward the shanty when the air stirred lightly, suddenly, and he heard a moan full and low. She stood where the tree had been with her naked back to him, facing the morning sun. Long black hair brushed against her shoulders and the curve of her arms. “Clarissa,” Tommin breathed. The Amazon Kindle link for “Darker Passages” is: http://amzn.to/1lvvszK

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