Thursday, February 5, 2015

Will The One True God give them their heart’s desire? Find out next week in Marcia Lee Laycock's "The Ambassadors Book II-V2-A Plan Unfolding"

Prince Eghan’s heart is weighed down by the looming prophesy that foretells the destruction of his father’s kingdom. He throws himself into working on the house of prayer at Ulhrik’s side, until his father introduces him to a beautiful young woman. He has invited her to court for a specific reason – to win his son’s heart. Though Eghan is at first angry that his father has been arranging an alliance without his knowledge, he is attracted to Malora and begins to forget the urgency of the work he should be doing. He tries to overlook Malora’s mockery of his faith but can’t seem to be completely open and honest with her.

Eghan is thrilled when his Uncle Adlair arrives, but saddened again when he hears that Nara, the Alingan princess he had grown so close to, has become a queen and is happily occupied with rebuilding her own realm. Eghan chafes under Ulhrik’s warnings about Malora and is increasingly captivated by her charms even though dreams of Nara still haunt him.

Will the prophesy unfold as Ulhrik believes? Or is there time for Eghan to think of spending his life with a beautiful young woman? And which woman will it be? Will The One True God give them their heart’s desire? Or will He change the desire of their hearts?

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