Monday, October 13, 2014

Amazing Journey By Karen L Kosman

Amazing Journey
Karen L Kosman

When God steps in and changes the direction of your life get ready for an amazing journey. Many of us have experienced moments in life when circumstances seemed beyond our control. During those times we feel stuck and question, “What am I supposed to do? Why can’t things just stay the way they are?”
For years, I’d worked as a trainer in the field of phlebotomy. Then the unexpected happened when I became ill. Medical tests were taken to disclose the reasons behind my kidney infections, respiratory infections, and joint pains that suddenly plagued me.
My doctor’s words still came as shock. “Karen, you have lupus. I’d advise you to retire, because of the stress in your job.”
Six months later, I finally gave in to his advice. During the first month of retirement I walked from room to room at home and asked, “Lord, what am I to do the rest of my life?”
His answer came as gentle whisper, “Write.”
I shook my head and whispered, No, I must have misunderstood.
I continued to pray, and I asked, “Lord, please send me a mentor if this is your plan for my life.”
The following Sunday I woke with a sense of anticipation. The beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds added to the joy in my heart. That morning a new family placed membership in our church and as our pastor introduced them he said Cynthia McClure was an author and inspirational speaker. She became my mentor and her words always encouraged me to move forward.
I began attending writer’s conferences where I met wonderful, loving people who shared with me their world of journalism: Their language seemed foreign and their lifestyles seemed out of reach. But as I began writing I felt a mounting elation inside of me. And when my first article was published I did a happy dance! Even more astounding was when my physical symptoms, of my illness, went away. My immunologist said, “Lupus is a hard disease to diagnose. You have been misdiagnosed.”
Today, as a published author, I know God used my diagnosis to change the direction of my life. It has been an amazing journey, one that continues even today. Recently, together with several other authors I have written my first fiction for Helping Hands Press. The setting for our stories is in a country town known as Sweetland. Added blessings are the friendships being formed among the authors.

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