Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Help Joseph Max Lewis@Lewislaw1Max pick the cover for his next #Thriller novel "Hell Rises"!!!!!! #Espionage #SpiritualWarfare

Joseph Max Lewis will be releasing a new Thriller novel on June 7th!

He would like your help in deciding which cover to use.

Which cover do you like and why?

The pre-sale starts soon.

Stay tuned!!!!

Here is a little bit bit about "Hell Rises" and the link to go to for all of Joseph Max Lewis current works:

Without the knowledge of anyone but the Society for Human Enlightenment and the Fellowship of the Essentials, for the last two decades the Society has been using particle colliders like those at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Aarhus Storage Ring in Denmark to wear away at the boundary between Earth and Hell. As it turns out, every time one set of particles moving near the speed of light crash into another set of particles moving near the speed of light, the collision creates a mini-black hole that sucks up a portion of the quark-gluon plasma barrier encapsulating our dimension.

Thinning and then ripping that barrier will allow demonic beings in Hell direct access to our world. That’s how the Society plans to usher in the Anti-Christ.

As the barrier thinned, demonic influence in our world increased and accounts for the recent surge in mass murder, genocide, rape, incest and the like. The reason demonic activity has been particularly concentrated in the United States is because the Society constructed their own super collider, one even bigger than the collider at CERN, under the Utah/Nevada border. They call it “Wormwood.”

The barrier is at a tipping point, so the Society launches “Breakthrough,” their long planned take over of every major collider in the world. After seizing control, the Society runs each collider along with Wormwood at maximum capacity. As the barrier further thins, odd, destructive energy spikes erupt around the world. A faction of the Fellowship launches a cyber attack on the Society’s collider takeover, while a desperate Fellowship team attacks Wormwood in the midst of a pitched battle between the Nevada National Guard and the rouge Utah National Guard that’s protecting the facility.

Unless both Fellowship teams somehow manage to succeed . . . Hell Rises.

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