Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CONTEST! Giveaway! WIN a paperback edition of Patti J.Smith's "Grave Obessions"

Starting 8/6 and going until 8/20 Helping Hands Press will be holding a contest to win paperback versions of Patti J. Smith's "Grave Obsessions".

The Grand prize winner will receive the paperback and the audiobook of "Grave Obsessions".

Two more lucky winners will receive the paperback.

How do you enter to win?

Simply answer this question by using the "Contact Form" on the blog sidebar:
How many titles does Patti J. Smith have for sale on Amazon?

What is "Grave Obsessions" about?

Grave Obsessions reads like an episode of a television crime drama with its swift action and unexpected plot twists. Be it an elusive psychopath or child abductor, Detective Dallas Keegan pursues each with dogged determination and gut instinct while struggling with her faith and ghosts from the past. Chiseled Heart starts the series with a case that unnerves the most seasoned veterans on the force. A macabre signature is found on one victim, then another, sending the investigation into overdrive. He is not done. Savage Sojourner takes Detective Keegan to the tranquil surroundings of a spiritual retreat that becomes the scene of psychopathic retribution and an evil revelation. In Shackled Souls, children of prominent citizens become targets of a child laundering enterprise. Upset by the lack of recognition and respect due him, the “conveyer” redirects his attention, making the case personal and more heart wrenching for the department. The series ends with Unholy Vengeance. An old adversary resurfaces, intent on continuing his deadly game. The newest victim's condition left no question as to who was responsible. His obsession towards Detective Keegan accelerates, and with each ensuing victim, his method grows increasingly barbaric. As the body count rises, the department is blindsided by a twist of fate that refocuses Fredricks’ bloody vengeance on an unexpected entrant to his game.

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  1. I have really enjoyed this series - I often read some of the installments when I travel!