Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Are you ready for an INCREDIBLE Amish Historical series? Check out Roger Rheinheimer's "Amish Snow"

Are you ready for an INCREDIBLE Amish Historical series?

One that challenges you?

One that is not your run of the mill cookie cutter Amish Romance?

Roger Rheinheimer's "Amish Snow" is just that!!!!!!

You grab the story on Amazon Kindle or right from the HHP Store!

Amish Snow provides a rare insight into Amish culture as it clashes with American counter –culture during the late 1960’s. Deep faith clashes with religious persecution and personal identity. Rheinheimer weaves an engaging tale of loss, redemption and triumph of the human spirit, coming of age in a dangerous time. And in the face of evil that divides us, he clings firmly to the common bonds of human experience to show the truth that unites us.

Roger spent the first eighteen years of his life in northern Indiana, in the middle of Amish country. His father was the only doctor for a small town of a little over a thousand people, and had a hitching rail on a side street by his office for the Amish patients. His father bought an eighty acre farm, and Roger and his older brother worked it, raising cattle and growing crops.

While he was still in high school, Roger learned woodworking skills from Elmer Schlabach, his Amish mentor. They built houses in the old-fashioned tradition; hand-mixing the concrete for the foundations to building kitchen cabinets in Elmer's well equipped shop. To this day, Roger enjoys using his wood crafting skills, making acoustic guitars and furniture.

Roger earned an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Psychology from a small private college in the Shenandoah Valley, took a Creative Writing class, loved it, and published a short story called "My Brother." He was a regular contributing writer to the college newspaper.

After nearly thirty years living in Austin, Texas, watching it grow into a large city, Roger and his wife Ginny moved to a small farm in the Pacific Northwest.

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