Thursday, October 6, 2016

Coming Soon from @SueBadeau and Chelsea Badeau:"Bubbles & Bears: A Calming Coloring Book"

Coming Soon from Sue and Chelsea Badeau:

"Bubbles & Bears: A Calming Coloring Book" (little kids)


"I'm in Charge of My Feelings! A Calming Coloring Book" (school age kids)

"Have you ever said "Calm down!" to a child who is spiraling out of control? It doesn't work too well. When a child is sad, scared or angry, these feelings can often lead to challenging behaviors at home or in the classroom. Parents and other adults in their lives need effective tools to help children manage challenging emotions, re-claim a state of calm and tame difficult behaviors. "Building Bridges of Hope: A Coloring Book for Adults Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma" provides a tool kit for adults in these situations. Soon, the author and illustrator, mother and daughter team Sue and Chelsea Badeau will be releasing two more versions of this popular tool, one for very young children (ages 2-6) and one for school-age children (ages 6 - 12) so they, too, will have their own tool kit of calming activities at their fingertips."

Right now you can grab Sue and Chelsea's "Building Bridges of Hope" on Amazon in ebook or paperback:

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