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Read the beginning of @murray_pura #Western #Suspense #Thriller "Silver City - Volume 4 - I Knew You Were Trouble" RIGHT NOW!

Have you started Murray Pura's sizzling hot Western Thriller series "Silver City" yet?

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Volume 4
I Knew You Were Trouble

The shotgun blasts had barely stopped echoing before Grayden was running at a crouch to the farmhouse.

As messed up as Ty was, Grayden figured he could handle the heavily armed operatives moving up the dirt track. At least for a few minutes. It probably wasn’t good business sense, but he had to be sure Keegan was okay. She and her family had come into harm’s way because of him. He wasn’t going to leave them to the wolves.

He was not even halfway to the house before a crackle of gunfire from behind told him his brother was engaged. He kept running, straightening up to get a longer stride. The ground began to shake under his feet and he expected to hear an RPG blast go off in front or in back of him.

Instead he saw cattle horns glittering in the light of the burning Suburban. Dozens of them. Hundreds of them. Sweeping along the track towards him, hooves hammering the earth, eyes wild. He turned and ran back towards the flames.

“Get close to the wreck!” he yelled at his brother. “Never mind the shooters! Roll up to the flames!”

Ty stared at him. “Are you nuts? I’ll make a perfect target!”

Bullets ripped past Grayden as he dove for the fire. “You already are a perfect target!”

Ty saw the stampede the same time as a gunman did. The shooter froze, but Ty hurled himself so close to the flaming wreckage the heat singed his eyebrows and eyelashes. He didn’t care. He had seen a bullrider reduced to jelly under a Brahma’s hooves. A hundred head of Angus would do an even better job.

The steers roared past. Dirt and stone peppered Ty’s face. He squinted and watched them tear into the shooters. Gunfire brought down two or three or six or seven of the cattle. But they were a tsunami of horns and hooves and flesh and could not be stopped. Two women in black masks screamed as the herd crushed them. Another was standing and firing, hoping that would make the steers veer left and right of her, but a pair of horns drove deep into her stomach and chest and she fell. He saw a man get tossed in the air twice before he vanished.
“Where did they come from?” he shouted to his brother.

Grayden was curled in a ball six feet away. “I got a hunch it was the woman.”

“What? Your girlfriend?”

“Whatever she is. I saw cattle penned up way back of the farmhouse yesterday. This has to be them.” Grayden pulled his hat farther down over his face to block the heat. “She must have followed me to see what was up. Then gone back and opened the gate and freaked out the herd with those shotgun blasts. She’s crazy.”

“Sounds like my kind of crazy.”

“My kind too. A stampede is like a scene out of a John Wayne western.”

“Everything in our lives is like a scene out of a John Wayne western.”

“Are you guys just gonna curl up and die?”

Grayden looked up at Keegan. She was standing over him with her shotgun on her hip. The flames and shadows made her face look tribal. Her grin was actually scary.

“The steers are gone, Marshal, and so are the black hats.”

Grayden peeled himself away from the fire. “Much obliged, ma’am.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what?”

“I’m 21. I told you that. A mature one, maybe, but still 21 so I’m not a ma’am.”

Grayden grinned. “I’ll try to remember.”

“Do that.”

Ty limped up to them. “I’m shot to pieces. A few more and I’d be a screen door. Thank ya.”

“Are you Grayden’s partner?” Keegan asked.

“It’s more like he’s mine.”

Grayden had his 45 up and aimed and was slowly walking in on the bodies smashed by the cattle. “Those steer’ll be scattered from here to Texas. Are you sure you wanted to do that, Keegan?”

She tossed her long hair. “If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have done it.”

“Kind of a crazy idea.”

“It didn’t look like you had any better ones, cowboy.”

Grayden holstered his HK. “Thirteen bodies. I guess a few could have lit out ahead of the herd.”

Keegan snorted. “I guess not. I was watching.” She turned away. “But I’m not interested in seeing their skulls and shinbones and guts. This is one hell of a weekend you brought to Alberta, Marshal Grayden.”
“Yeah. Consider it part of the rodeo.”

“Oh, it’s part of the rodeo, all right. Who needs Brahma bulls when New Mexico comes to town?” She narrowed her eyes as Grayden walked up and stood beside her. “I knew you were trouble.”

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