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READ the beginning of Tony Hilling's Biblical Fantasy "The Voice of Aedistamen - Volume 5 - Escape" RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Tony Hilling's "The Voice of Aedistamen - Volume 5 - Escape" is available as a pre-sale on Amazon Kindle until March 29th.

Below you will find the synopsis, the Amazon Kindle buy link, and the beginning of the story to read.

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When everything has seemed to conspire against him in the Silver Mines, Owa’en’s fortunes rise a little as he encounters friends who will set him on a new path that will open up to his destiny.

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The next few Arcs were a blur for Owa’en. He awoke one morning to find himself in a far more comfortable place than his bed of straw and stone. His shackles were gone too. A face was looking down on him that he vaguely recognized. His thoughts seemed to come very slowly.
“I think I know you from somewhere?”
The face smiled at him. “I didn’t expect to see you again, but you seem to have this habit of surviving. Do you remember my name?”
“I seem to have forgotten everything. I don’t remember coming here.”
“My name is Bansadok. I’m the healer here. Apparantly, you failed to show up for work one Arc, and they found you later in your bed in a kind of a trance or Long Sleep. You weren’t able to walk or focus on anything, so they brought you here.
“How long ago?”
“About seven Arcs. You’ve slept most of the time.”
“What’s wrong with me? Where is this place?”
“I think you just got overwhelmed. Not very surprising for what I have heard you’ve gone through. This is the infirmary.”
“What did I go through?”
Bansadok paused a moment. Then he seemed to come to a decision. “Can you tell me your name?”
Owa’en looked up, blankly, then his eyes seemed to register that he was searching in his mind for some lost piece of information. It was extremely important, but he couldn’t find it. He started to weep like a child.
Bansadok simply held him and said, “Don’t be sad, it will be fine in a little while. Just rest! Do not let yourself be troubled or upset…” He found himself consoling the other but without fully understanding.


“So, from what I understand of your diagnosis, Owa’en has …lost his mind?” The Warden’s question to Bansadok came another seven Arcs later.
Bansadok looked up at the Warden and said, “That is correct, Sir, as far as I can determine from my observation of him over the last fourteen Arcs.” Bansadok looked down again. He had been assigned to the infirmary once his gifts had been made known, but spent most of his time catering to the Warden because the latter was suffering from tumors. Bansadok knew that he was getting worse but had managed to treat him for pain. He had ministered to many Davarenges in the city of Davarenspay, but found the Warden by far the odious man he had ever met. It was as if his eyes could not abide to look upon him.
“Is this condition permanent, or is it temporary?”
“I have heard of it before, Sir, when a person has experienced some shock or series of shocks, sometimes the mind cannot cope and simply shuts down. I have rarely dealt with it, twice I think. One was permanent, the other temporary. I believe it depends on how we proceed now.”
“Well I want to make sure that he returns to his former self. I have to make continual reports to the king and he is extremely frustrated that Owa’en is still alive. He has this burning desire to have him eaten by that Serpent.”
“If the Warden will pardon me expressing an opinion: there are few torments more bitter than losing one’s mind, and knowing at the same time that it is lost, Sir. How much torment does His Highness wish to happen to Owa’en?”
“As much as can be conveniently provided in this institution, my dear healer. Therefore, make sure that he recovers and as soon as he does, we will, of course, oblige our liege lord the king. After all, how can a man be tortured if he is out of his mind? I want him in his mind, or, should I say, Malengus III Alamadus wants him in his mind, so that he will know his misery, not sleep through it like some drunken fool. Now, if you can help him in any way, it would look very good for your future elsewhere, instead of stuck here. And another thing that drug that you found for me yesterday, though it dulled the pain somewhat necessitated long and rather arduous visits to the latrine. So, I would be very grateful if you could obtain another.”
“Yes, Sir, I will scour the hills for other herbs.”
“Good, Master Bansadok, and make sure you take the dogs with you for protection against any wild beasts. I do not want you to share the same fate as your other patient.”
“Indeed, Sir.”

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